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Why You Need Sump Pump Installation In Your Home

Does your home have a basement? If you do, you may have experienced flooding at times, and believe me, it is definitely a headache when this unfortunate thing happens.

On average, a flooded basement can cost anywhere up to $20,000 in damages in some instances. While this may not be completely avoidable, there is a way to limit the impact of flooding and for your basement to recover faster from the flood. Sump pump installation will highly benefit a home with a basement.

If you experienced a flooding incident in the past, it is best to have a sump pump installed. But first, what is a sump pump? A sump pump is an automatic pump placed underneath the floor of your basement. When water is collected in your basement ground, the sump pump discharges that water outside in order to prevent pooling.

Some homes require a sump pump while others don’t. A home inspection will determine if this is needed, but if you live in areas usually flooded, if your home is built on a flat surface with soil that easily traps water or you have experienced flooding before, it is wise to proceed with installation right away and contact your local sump pump installation service providers.

Another good reason for installing a sump pump is the prevention of water damage. If you want to keep your basement in great shape for a lot of years to come, this decision will surely help in maintaining your basement’s condition. Now, if you already have a pump installed and it has been around for almost a decade, it is about time for it to be replaced.

There might be a need to excavate, depending on your old pump’s condition. There are local sump pump excavation professionals who can help you with the work to be done. Before proceeding with any job, a thorough inspection needs to be conducted on the old pump in order to not waste money, time, and effort on the replacement.

There are two types of sump pump that you can install in your home: a pedestal pump and a submersible pump. In terms of price, the pedestal pump is the cheaper choice. It is easier to maintain and replace as it is placed partially above ground. The submersible pump is fully submerged in the sump pit, it is more silent, and is suitable for residential areas.

Whatever choice you make for the sump pump installation will be based on your preference and budget. No matter what you select, the important thing is that you are working towards preserving your basement and your home.

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