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Lung Cancer and Radon Have Your Home Tested

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Have you recently had your home tested for radon, which is a toxic, odorless natural gas known to cause cancer? If not, you may want to contact local radon mitigation services to test your home. This includes having the residential radon testing service check your basement and the grounds surrounding your home.

If you already have a sump pump to handle flooding in your basement, you will want to have it tested to ensure that it is operating efficiently and effectively. After testing your existing pump, a sump pump installation contractor may recommend that you have a new sump pump installed.

Radon and the Risk of Lung Cancer

On an annual basis, there are approximately 20,000 lung cancer deaths associated with radon, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) and the Surgeon General’s Office. Approximately 5,000 of these deaths could be avoided if home radon levels did not exceed the US EPA’s action level, according to scientists’ investigative research.

Furthermore, radon exposure is considered to be the second leading cause of lung cancer by the Surgeon General. When someone is exposed to radon over a long period of time, the risk of lung cancer increases. It has been found that long-term exposure increases this risk by 16% for every 100 Bq/m.

The US EPA;s Action Levels

The US EPA’s action level is 4 pCi/L, and it has been found that three Indian lands, and one-in-three homes in seven states, exceeded these levels. It has also been determined that for every 15 homes, at least one has radon levels that exceed the US EPA’s minimum action levels.

More specifically, when a home has radon levels of 4 pCi/l, the family is being exposed to 35 times the radiation allowed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. This means that they are being exposed to even more radiation than if they were standing near a radioactive waste site fence.

If you even suspect that there may be radon in your home, basement, or surrounding grounds, it is important to contact radon mitigation services as soon as possible. A radon mitigation service can also provide radon abatement so that you and your family are able to experience a decreased risk of developing lung cancer.

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