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It may only be the second weekend in November, but you already have your mind on the decorations. In fact, the mild temperatures have made hanging Christmas lights the most popular neighborhood activity this weekend. The decision to get everything ready by tonight, however, is the goal. You have friends and relatives of all ages coming over for the 6:30 pm lighting ceremony.
Of course, you did your own lighting ceremony earlier in the afternoon and made some adjustments to the electrical wiring on some of the switch boxes. You feel confident that the problems are fixed and that this night’s event will go off as planned.
It always takes a few extra electrical wiring adjustment to keep the whole thing running for the next seven weeks, but it is worth the effort. Your own children and grandchildren like driving by with their friends so they can show off the spectacular lights and you enjoy watching from inside and seeing how many people pass your house. The fact that your neighbor is a residential electric contractor means that you have a reliable resource for checking out the safety of the project.
Christmas Season Requires Many Families to Purchase New Strands of Lights Nearly Every Year
Electrical problems with Christmas lights may be annoying, but they can also be dangerous. And while outside lights can pose one kind of problem, faulty electrical wiring inside a home can mean dangerous and life threatening situations. In fact, during the year 2011 an estimated 47,700 home structure fires reported to U.S. fire departments involved some type of electrical failure or malfunction. In these nearly 48,000 home fires, the electrical system was found to be a contributing factor to ignition.
With the of affordability of today’s Christmas and holiday lights, it is no wonder that many Americans simply buy new strands every single year instead of worrying about faulty electrical wiring in older strands of lights. Consumers who are looking at the aspect home energy efficiency also see the benefits of newer lights.
When it comes to residential electrical repairs, homeowners are always wise to depend on licensed contractors, rather than trying any home repairs themselves. Residential electrical contractors are required by the cities and states where they operate to be licensed and to make sure that all of their work is up to code. And while it might seem that relying on a neighbor or friend to provide you with the electrical work that you need, no homeowner should risk the safety of their home and family with an unlicensed contractor.
Consider these other statistics about what can go wrong when there are electrical issues:

  • 48% of the reported non-confined U.S. home structure fires between the years 2007 and 201 involved electrical failure or malfunction and had some type of electrical distribution or lighting equipment as equipment involved in the fire’s ignition.
  • 63% of the home structure fires between the years of 2007 and 2011 involved electrical distribution or lighting equipment wiring or related equipment.
  • 20% of the home structure fires between the years of 2007 and 2011 involved lamps, light fixtures, and light bulbs.
  • 11% of the home structure fires between the years of 2007 and 2011 involved cords and plugs.
  • 6% of the home structure fires between the years of 2007 and 2011 involved transformers and power supplies.

Did you know that electrical fires cause $1.5 billion in property damage every single year in America? Once you comprehend this staggering statistic you begin to realize the importance of making sure that all of the electrical wiring in your home is up to code and recently expected. Ignoring a faulty outlet or a circuit that often shorts out makes absolutely no sense. One small error can lead to damaging flames that can cause loss of property, and worse yet, loss of life.
With 583,500 electricians working in the U.S., finding a qualified person should not be a problem. By calling references and checking with the Better Business Bureau it is fairly easy to find a reliable contractor. Although some home tasks might be able to be completed by the homeowner, electrical work is always best left to the experts. Certified electricians working within the city regulations provide homeowners the protection they need for their family and home.

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