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Important Facts to Know About Radon

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Two of the most important functions you have are breathing and the need for water. However, if you are in a home or business with high levels of radon, you could be getting more than you bargained for. Radon is a dangerous material that can get into the air you breathe and the water you drink. Radon is hard to detect by an untrained professional, it is recommended to have residential radon testing services done at your home as a safety measure. In this post, you will learn about shocking statistics regarding the importance of radon mitigation.

  1. Radon Causes Lung Cancer ? Recent research shows that the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States estimate that about 20,000 yearly lung cancer deaths are caused by radon exposure. Sadly, these deaths weren’t caused by someone who lived in a strange environment. These deaths were likely the result of radon in a place of work or home that was visited nearly every day. Radon is a highly dangerous material, if you suspect radon is in your home or business, please call a professional.
  2. Many Homes Aren’t Protected ? It is estimated that around one out of every fifteen homes in the United States is estimated to have radon levels at or higher than the EPA action level. When looking at the number of homes that are affected by radon, it makes sense to consider calling local radon mitigation companies. These companies will have all sorts of testing equipment to not only check for radon but to reduce radon levels.
  3. Advancements in Radon Testing – Radon mitigation companies know that they will need to offer the latest and greatest products. Innovations in radon testing have brought about many improvements. One major improvement is that certain radon testing devices can present you with real time updated information. There are other radon testing devices available where the data is sent off to a science lab. No matter which type of radon testing device you choose, you are doing yourself a big favor.
  4. Multiple Radon Detectors are Available ? There are multiple radon detectors on the market. The two main types of radon detection equipment are short and long-term detectors. Short-term detectors can measure radon from a range of 2-90 days. However, a long-term detector can easily reach over the previous limit of 90 days. Radon mitigation companies will likely have multiple options of radon detectors for you to choose from.

In conclusion, radon is a very dangerous substance to have around you. Radon is responsible for a large number of lung cancer-related deaths, each and every year. The number of homes that risk exposure to radon are quite astounding, mostly because of how hard it is to detect radon. Advancements in how radon detectors are being built allow for many improvements, including instant radon readings. In addition, there is more than one type of radon detector available, those that are for either short term or long term protection.

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