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A local air conditioning repair company knows all about the dangers of equipment that is not properly maintained. Each year homeowners continue to neglect an air conditioning system that needs to be checked. The dangers of an air conditioner that is not maintained can range from small annoyances to big risks of serious danger. Studies show that two-thirds of homes built in the United States all contain air conditioning units.

Some are hesitant to have their air conditioning unit looked at, due to fear of spending a lot of money. However, regular maintenance isn’t near as costly as people think and it could save you from larger costs down the line. Here are three ways that maintaining your air conditioner can save you major money.

  1. Saves on Entire Replacements ? Having your air conditioner looked at regularly could save you from costlier AC repair jobs down the road. If you have one part that needs to be replaced, it can affect how the entire air conditioner works. It helps to think of your AC unit like you would your own vehicle. Getting regular tune-ups and oil checks greatly increase the condition of your vehicle.

    The same principle applies to AC units, those that are regularly maintained are far less likely to run into full unit replacements. In addition, AC units can struggle to efficiently cool the home, all thanks to one part that needs to be replaced.

  2. Reduces the Risk of Household Fires ? Statistics show that, in 2010, air conditioners that weren’t maintained help to cause about 7,400 home fires in the United States. If these homes had had their equipment regularly maintained, it is likely that the previously reported number of 7,400 could have been much lower.

    A household fire is one of the scariest events that those in a home can go through. Having a local air conditioning repair company look at your AC unit can provide with a much-needed sigh of relief.

  3. Higher Efficiency Means Lower Utilities ? Innovations in technology have allowed for much higher efficiency air conditioning systems to be manufactured. Making the switch to an air conditioner that has a higher efficiency level has many benefits.

    One benefit of using a high-efficiency system is that it can cool your home much better than an older system would. Research shows that switching to a high-efficiency AC unit can help to reduce energy use by 20-50%. A local air conditioning repair company can quickly and easily install a high-efficiency unit in your home.

In conclusion, there are many benefits to regularly maintaining your air conditioner. Spending a little on regular maintenance can save you from much larger replacement costs in the future. Faulty AC unit equipment has been shown to be responsible for large-scale home fires. In addition, the use of having a high-efficiency air conditioner in your home can greatly reduce monthly utility bills. Research shows that replacing air conditioning components, especially those that are over 15 years old, can improve energy savings in a home.

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