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The Two Most Popular Renovation Choices For American Homeowners

Glass tile backsplash patterns

Giving your bathroom a touch-up? Do it the right way. It’s tempting to go straight for the cheapest and simplest options, but those don’t always yield the best results. You’ll want something truly beautiful that’ll stand the test of time. Bathroom tiles are constantly facing wear and tear throughout the week, be it from moisture or abrasion, and can eventually become cracked or removed entirely if neglected. Thankfully, replacing your bathroom ceramic tile designs is more than possible with a little know-how. Even better? You can go the extra mile and customize to your heart’s content.

What Do People Like To Customize In Their Bathrooms?

There are plenty of places to start in your master bathroom. A Houzz survey revealed 60% of all respondents said they planned on remodeling their master bathroom in the near future, with glass shower enclosures the most popular choice by nearly 80% of all homeowners. Glass tile backsplash patterns are often preferred for their intricate designs and fun colors, allowing homeowners to add their own unique touch to their shower or bath enclosure.

What Other Areas Do People Like To Remodel?

Tiles are located throughout your home, be they in your master bathroom, kitchen or dining room. As a result glass tile designs and textures are commonly bought to replace missing pieces or cracked foundations. According to a study conducted by the National Association of Home Builders, nearly 70% of all jobs requested were for the kitchen alone. That made it only the second most popular request year after year, with prospects not likely to change as homeowners become more invested in how to bring out the best in their living spaces.

Can A Renovation Improve My Home’s ROI?

There’s another benefit you can reap years down the road by looking up glass tile backsplash patterns. For those looking to put their house up to the market later on in their life, a minor kitchen remodel has been found to have an average return on investment of around 82%. Bathroom additions, such as glass tile backsplash patterns or ceramic tile flooring, offer just a little more at 84%.

What Should I Know Before Installing?

To master the art of the do-it-yourself you need to be aware of common pitfalls. Manufacturers often use the term ‘subway tiles’ to describe just about any rectangular tile with a length twice its height — for example, a 4 x 8 inch plank and a 1 x 2 mosaic. Some tiles, such as the contemporary 2 x 8 strips, are different than more traditional proportions. Make sure to measure your project space properly before starting. Round your number to the next highest square foot, then add 10% to 15% to cover waste, cuts and potential breakage.

Where Do I Get Started?

It’s time to pull out a list and detail all the necessities before moving forward. The PEI rating is a useful reference point for tiles, indicating how strong they are or how much wear and tear they can stand up to — a PEI class rating of only 1, for example, means the tile is strictly for walls and can’t stand up to even a little foot traffic. A PEI rating of 5, however, means they will withstand just about anything you throw at them. Homeowners should shoot for PEI classes of 2 for bathroom walls and floors, PEI class 3 for countertops and a 4 for areas such as the kitchen. Your bathroom is a canvas and your creativity is the brush. What will you be adding to your home?

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