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A Turtle Pool Mosaic is just one of the many Ways You can Incorporate Mosaic in Your Home

Ceramic tile for a bathroom

Mosaic tile is very popular among homeowners and used in a variety of different ways both inside and outside the home. For example, according to a recent report, the bathroom and the kitchen are the two most remodeled rooms in a home. Each of these areas have back splashes for practical purposes, but these areas provide the homeowner with an opportunity to add color and design to the space.

The kitchen backsplash is the are of wall behind the sink or stove that is typically tile, so that it is easy to clean when splashed with water, sauce, grease, or anything else. Tile is obviously much easier to clean than drywall or any other type of wall surface. Kitchen backsplash designs vary widely based on the interests and tastes of the homeowner. However, subway wall tile is very popular throughout the United States for this area.

In many homes, the backsplash is extended along the entire counter top in the kitchen as part of the room decor. Likewise, many bathrooms simply have tile walls, so the back splash area blends in with the rest of the space. The shower is another area with tile is frequently used for utility and ascetics.

Ceramic tile and mosaic patterns are also used to increase the visual appeal to outdoor areas. For example, pool mosaic designs are very popular for in ground pools and add to the overall look and ascetic of the space. Many people opt for the turtle pool mosaic as a fun, lively, and go to pool design.

The turtle pool mosaic is exactly what it sounds like; a turtle design in the pool that is comprised of mosaic tiles. This fuses art and function into one. People often choose to have the turtle pool mosaic on the bottom of the pool, so it looks like the turtles are swimming in the pool. Some people will also put mosaic baby turtles on the steps leading in and out of the pool.

If you choose an undertaking as large as a turtle pool mosaic, it is important to retain the services of a professional tile layer. A well-qualified tile installer using high-quality materials can ensure the tile is laid perfectly and the design is flawless.

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