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Month: September 2017

Ew! What’s in Your Water?

For many people in the United States, swimming is one of the most popular recreational sports. It’s the fourth most popular sport or activity in the country. But, for people to be able to enjoy their time swimming, they need Read more…

When to Replace Your Windows Versus Repairing Them

Sure, your windows let in the light and fresh air, but sometimes they can be letting a little too much fresh air. If you’re feeling more drafts than usual, you know your windows are older, or a particularly nasty storm Read more…

Are Inefficient Windows Costing You Money?

Homeowners like to replace old appliances with shiny new energy efficient ones. They also like to keep an eye on the thermostat, run major appliances after a certain hour, and monitor their home’s water usage. But did you know that Read more…