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You May Have a Firestarter Hiding in Your Basement Outdated AC Systems are a Real Danger

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Is your home in danger? Experts reported that in 2010, malfunctions in aging central air equipment caused over 7,000 residential fires in America. The good news is with regular air conditioning repair, many of these house fires were entirely preventable.

The question that homeowners need to ask themselves is: how old is my home, and when is the last time I contracted with an air conditioner repair service? A home built in the 1980s, while still completely livable, is more than 30 years old and needs a routine diagnostic by an air conditioning contractor.

The great news with regard to home AC repair is that there have been some big advances in the last 40 years. “Green” air systems that do not distribute pet allergens or allow mold to grow can be installed now: homeowners need to talk to an air conditioning contractor to get the latest news about eco-friendly HVAC systems.

Fewer than half of American homeowners are doing regular maintenance on their air conditioning systems, and many notice an increase in humidity and/or ambient dust, both of which can indicate a malfunctioning or out-of-date piece of air conditioning equipment.

Air conditioning repair and upgrades are also being installed in homes that historically did not have central air. A Victorian or pre-WWII home can be retrofitted by an air conditioning repair professional and can make the home much more livable. HVAC upgrades to historical homes can also drastically raise a home’s value without disrupting important historical features.

Overall, updating a home’s air conditioning system can lower a home’s cooling costs drastically, cutting out up to half of the regular cooling bill. Finding a system that is rated energy efficient and following up annually with regular maintenance not only lowers monthly costs but can prevent serious equipment malfunctions in the long-term.

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