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The 3 Best Modern Furniture Pieces Every Home Needs

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Style changes are one of the most notable trait of each decade. New trends are an important part of society. Being attached to old trends can make a person seem non-progressive. These changes in style are prevalent in fashion, but they are also obvious in interior design. Older furniture, wallpaper, and other decor can make a home seem like a time machine. In 2017, it’s important to be aware of the changes in aesthetics and apply them to your life. Updating your furniture can be easy and fun, as changes can be very refreshing. There are aspects in every room of your house than can be updated. Any kitchen, bathroom, living room, or office can be made over to look fun and modern. High quality pieces are your best bet for a marvelous outcome and a style that will be appreciated over time. As these pieces gain popularity, furniture stores scramble to have them in stock. Furniture is one of the biggest investments in an adult’s life, right after a house, and a car. As a result, it’s important to make good decisions on your interior design.

1. Minimal Sectional Couch

One of the large interior design trends is minimalistic pieces that can easily be manipulated into any unique style, or look sleek as is. Minimal style sectionals are a popular and sought after piece. These couches are often all one solid color with good structure and the least amount of seams as possible. These living room must haves are great to leave as is, with matching color pillows, if you are going for contemporary modern looks. However, it is also popular to pair these couches with an assortment of unique or colorful pillows to add a personal touch to your decor. An L-shaped white sectional is quickly becoming a staple in modern furniture. Couches will often have a life span of up to 15 years. Since the style of these couches are so malleable, it is guaranteed to last through any trend changes.

2. Clean Glass Table

In interior design, a glass table can take many forms and be a staple for a more modern looking home. A glass table such as this has a crystal clear glass pane and can be rectangular, square, circle, or more. The legs and support system of these tables are often shining metallic silver parts. Most people will be familiar with a glass coffee table for the living room area, but glass side tables are a great decor addition. Glass desk tables are also gaining popularity as a modern touch to a home office. Interior designers can help you determine where and how much glass could be added to your new decor.

3. Molded Plywood Chair

This chair is one of the classics in society that keeps coming back with each modern trend. A molded plywood chair can look sophisticated, quirky, and updated all at once. It can fit into nearly any decor style as a great piece. Interior designers use them often for a reason, as the wooden look can add a comforting touch to any minimalistic decor that may look too cold. These can be added as seating in a living room, or seating in an office. They may also be used in a kitchen or dining area for low table seating.

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