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Four Great Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Kitchen cabinet remodel ideas

Whether it be an interior or an exterior home remodeling, such projects can make your house feel totally new and reinvigorated. You can renovate your kitchen or your bathroom or whatever else, but if done right, you can expect a return on investment of 81 to 102 percent.

Not sure about how to go about remodeling? Well, here are a few different interior and exterior home remodeling ideas that might get your creative juices going!

1. Strike a balance between what you can afford and what you want.

While everyone would love to live in a mansion or perhaps some place that is hyper trendy, our bank accounts usually disagree. However, this does not mean you should be as cheap as possible when working on your interior or exterior home remodeling projects. Put money into it! If not, you will get a low return on investment. So, set a budget, and spend all of it!

2. Perhaps consider opening the kitchen to an adjoining family room.

If you open up your kitchen and attach it to an adjacent family, you will create a great room effect. It gives the spacious feeling of an expanded kitchen, without having to actually build any additional walls.

3. Put a walkway through the kitchen!

A walkway in your kitchen could make it feel more elegant and modern. However, if you do so, make sure that it is at least 36 inches wide. It is also worth noting that work aisles should be a minimum of 41 inches wide and at least 48 inches wide for households that have multiple cooks.

4. A slim spice rack can solve a few problems in one shot.

If you decide not to do any exterior home remodeling, and instead want to renovate your kitchen, then perhaps you should consider using a slim spice rack that can take advantage of unused space. This will also solve the problem of your unorganized spices!

Hopefully that inspired you all to take on some cool interior or exterior home remodeling projects. If you have any home remodeling tips and ideas, or perhaps some home remodeling advice then please share it so maybe people will get more exterior home remodeling ideas! Helpful research also found here: St. louis home remodeling

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