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It can be hard to know when to replace the type of shampoo you buy, let alone replacing the more important things in your life. How to know when to start a new relationship, buy a new car, or make some sort of major improvement on your house? All of these things are incredibly difficult and there are so many little facets and price tags you have to take into account before you actually make any of these big decisions. Where to start, then? What’s the very first thing you should take into account when thinking about a big decision? Let’s start with a more concrete example and work our way outward from there. By thinking about this dilemma in a more narrative fashion, we can easier come to a process that outlines a certain solution to the problem. It all starts with solid strand bamboo flooring installation.

    The start of our story
    That sure is a mouthful, isn’t it? Solid strand bamboo flooring installation. But, really, if you break it down, it’s not so hard. And that’s the entire point, in real summation. Let’s back up a step. The Morton’s are a small family living near in the suburbs of Vancouver. Their father is an architect who helps to build local buildings. H enjoys fishing and reading books about the difficulties and victories that families shared in wartime Japan. His wife is a high school teacher who teaches teenagers about the basics of philosophy and how to suss things out using logic as well as the normal human type intuition they all possess. They have two kids, both of whom are interested in sports and other cultures. Now, the Morton children have been reading a lot about the new types of housing they are developing in southern and eastern Asia. They bring these different types of architecture to their father and show him. They tell him that they really like the way these houses look and, because he was thinking of remodeling the house anyway, that maybe he can take a few cues from the book. He laughs and tells them alright but it’ll be a big decision. Secretly, however, he’s already made up his mind. He’s going to make their dreams a reality because they still believe in their dreams and they still believe in their visions.
    Building a dream
    Though it might sound like something out of Disney movie, it’s worth it to stop and think about this decision for a moment. We’re getting to solid strand bamboo flooring installation in a second, I promise. But replacing any part of a house is a big deal and, though it can’t be taken lightly, it’s also not something to base entirely off logic either. While it’s cliche to say that the Morton father is deciding from his heart, he is. And he’s also deciding from something else as well. He’s deciding from a peculiar sense we can only really call intuition. He’s taking cues from his own gut as well as the stranger and more opaque guts of his environment. He’s passively, or not so passively, combining his own logical knowledge of architecture with his own desire to bring his kid’s dreams to life. It’s a difficult place to be in but he manages to do it admirably. He walks the line well.
    Where to go from here
    So the Morton father has made his decision. He begins to do some research into solid strand bamboo flooring installation and what it takes to get it installed into a house. Their old floors are getting a little dangerous anyway and, in several parts of the house, they are beginning to look pretty bad. He goes to several flooring companies around Vancouver and asks about this newer flooring technique, seeing if anyone is capable of putting it in. After a lengthy process, he finally finds someone who can do it. It’s going to be a long process but he can do it. It just takes a little time and effort. More importantly, it takes starting with a intuitive vision and working from there. There is nothing more important than that.

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