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How to Landscape the Area Around a Gazebo

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Outdoor gazebos are the natural focal points of yards. They’re what guests are going to notice first and what guests are going to pay the most attention to. As spectacular as outside gazebos may already look, they’d be much more aesthetically pleasing with a bit of landscaping done around them.

Here are a few tips homeowners can use to make their gazebos go from just looking good, to truly looking great.

Good Grass.

One of the most underutilized assets homeowners have is their grass. Choosing a lush, ornament grass can really add a subtle touch of grace and elegance to gazebos. Homeowners should check to see what breeds of grass grow well in their respective regions, and choose one that’s practically bursting with character to accompany the area around their backyard gazebos.

Boosted Flower Beds.

Gazebos are big, elevated structures, which means that they can often overpower whatever flowers and fauna are planted around them, making them look diminutive and rather wimpy. To avoid such a problem, homeowners may want to consider using raised garden beds to grow flowers in instead of simply planting them in the ground. Flower beds that are between one to two feet off of the ground will help make the flowers planted within stand out much more nicely.

Sensible Shrubbery.

Shrubs work well when gazebos are built at the edge of their owners’ property. These tall plants can add a lovely, verdant backdrop, and also help make yards look and feel more private, which in turn can make a gazebo feel all the more intimate. Plus, they provide some nice shade in the summer, too.

Garden gazebos are a great way to transform backyards into lush, secret escapes. If you have any questions, of have any other landscaping tips, feel free to ask in the comments. Helpful links.

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