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Helpful Hints for Your Most Common Nut and Bolt Problems

Hex head cap screw

For some jobs, only the clamping power of nuts and bolts will do. However, even though bolts are much stronger than screws, they aren’t without their fair share of problems such as rusting and stripping. However, you can easily handle these minor problems with a little bit of elbow grease and this handy dandy guide to the most common problems with your nut and bolt supply. Here’s a list of the problems you may face, along with common solutions from your local bolt and nut manufacturers.

Problem: Bots Tend to Rust

Solution: You can keep your nuts and bolts from rusting in one of two ways. First, you can apply a clear sealant (like nail polish) over the nut and bolt. Nail polish works well because it protects the metal from corrosion without gumming up the bolt threads and making it difficult to remove the nut and bolt.

You can also purchase more expensive nuts and bolts, such as marine grade stainless steel bolts. These bolts are designed to resist rusting much better than other metals, even in wet conditions.

Problem: Removing Stripped or Seized Bolts and Nuts

Solution: Bolts that have become stripped or locked into place can be especially frustrating to deal with. Try these methods for easy removal:

  • Apply heat. Metal expands when it is hot and contracts when its cooled down. If it is safe to do so, heat the bolt until it’s a glowing red, then allow it to cool completely. Once cool, the corrosion bond that has seized up the bolt will be broken.
  • Stripped bolts can be removed by drilling out the bolt.

Problem: Replacing Old Bolts

Solution: If you have to replace a bolt, especially an old one, never throw the old bolt away before buying a new one. The old bolt can be used as a sizing guide for the new bolt. Sounds simple, right?

You’d be amazed at how many people throw away the old bolts before buying a replacement. This usually happens when a person thinks he or she already has the size they need, but does not, or is switching to or from a standard bolt to a metric bolt. If you can’t locate the size you need at the hardware store, you may have to special order it from one of your local bolt and nut manufacturers.

Although this list can’t cover every problem you may encounter, you can eliminate many of your nut and bolt hassles by choosing the right one for the job. If you encounter a problem you can’t solve, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of your local bolt and nut manufacturers for possible solutions.
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