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Screw It! Here are Some Hard Facts about Hardware

Hex cap bolt

Question: What is a drive screw considered?
Answer: An inclined plane wrapper around a post.

If you knew that, here’s a harder one. What are the metric hex head cap screw dimensions?

If the mere mention of “metric hex head cap screw dimensions” made your head spin and you thought, “well, screw that,” then there might be a few facts you will be surprised to learn in this brief article.

When it comes down to the nuts and bots of bolts and nuts, there are all kinds of bolts and nuts and screws. Heavy hex bolts, cap screw hex heads, eye bolts, hex coupling nuts, plow bolts; you name it. Bolt and nut manufacturers and suppliers have it all.

One of the differentiating factors in screws, besides the main function, is the size. The larger, wider, and thicker the screw, the larger its identifying number will be. According to ASME, machine screws come in varieties with diameter ranging up to .75 inches wide. This info is important when determining metric hex head cap screw dimensions.

It is almost hard to comprehend how many times each day we use things that contain screws, were made using screws, use things which also contain screws, and so on and so forth. In our doors and windows, in our kitchens and chairs, on our toys and tvs and in our cars, there they are.

Whether it surprises you or not, screws have been around, making life easier for quite a while. The earliest screws were made out of wood, and were used in wine presses, olive oil presses, and to press clothes flat. How handy!

Screws can even be seen as a romantic analogy (hey, not what you are thinking). Certain screws contain certain threads which are designed to ‘mate’ with complementary internal threads. Aw, screws are so loyal! Just like foxes, they mate for life. Well, it’s not the same thing, but you catch my drift.

Quick; let’s review. Metric hex head cap screw dimensions? Wait, still not sure? Well you are in luck because you can very conveniently refer to your handy dandy guide books that meticulously categorize, describe, and picture all kinds of screws and bolts. And how about the nut and bolt suppliers? They know their stuff. They can tell the difference between a heavy hex nut and brass nuts and bolts, hex head tap bolts, 12 pt flange screws, and slotted hex nuts.

What else is there to say other than screws being perfect representations of human ingenuity? As diverse and as multifaceted they can come, they are all essentially based from the same design, working together towards a common end goal. And while things can get a little screwy, the usefulness of these bits of hardware are infinitely important to the structures, both physical and societal, which we live in today. The way which we must function in life, I suppose, is much like the metric hex head cap screw dimensions—both constant and changing, known and unknown.

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