Make Your House Stand Out In The Crowd

The Three Top Interior Design Trends of 2014

Special events

Ellen DeGeneres is going public with her passion for home renovation and design. The talk show host announced that she will launch a six-part show next year, named “Ellen’s Design Challenge.” Contestants will be tasked with building luxury furnishings and home decorations in just 24 hours. How can you satiate your thirst for home design while waiting for Ellen’s new show to air?

Start Simple, And Go From There

The best kitchen design and overall interior design starts simple. Today’s designers are starting off with neutral-colored walls, furnishings, and appliances — and adding pops of colors in the details. Start off with white or sand-colored kitchen cabinets, for example, and liven things up with vivid blue or green decorations. For a somewhat more understated look, contrast neutral palettes with gold and bronze accents.

Tear Down Those Walls!

In the past, kitchens were relegated to one, disconnected room, generally in the back of a home,” CBS explains. “Using different finishes, or different concepts entirely such as the microwave drawer, Americans are trying to hide the most obvious parts of the kitchen,” CBS continues. Similarly, Americans are — whenever possible — opting for one large living or dining room directly connected to the kitchen. The rooms may be separated by an island or a bar, but — for the most part — consumers aim for an open and airy design when they buy or build a home.

Get Artsy, and Save Money, Too

Luxury homes and condos for sale are increasingly built with energy-efficient and practical appliances. Motion-activated faucets conserve water, slash energy bills, and make it easier to cook (especially while handling raw chicken, etc.).

Can get enough of home design and home renovations? Consider making relatively simple adjustments to breathe new life into your home. Add pops of color to neutral or understated home furnishings, install energy efficient appliances, and open up kitchen spaces for a more welcoming atmosphere. More research here:

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