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Why Investing in Professional Solar Installation is Better than Doing it Yourself

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The up front cost of starting solar services can be intimidating, and as a result, many people find themselves tempted to forgo professional solar installers and put up panels and wiring themselves. But the best solar installation is professional, and here’s why:

Size and Placement

The process of installing a solar energy system isn’t as simple as slapping a few panels on the roof. Solar panels need to be chosen with extreme care to fit your lifestyle, home, and roofing system. In order to choose the best solar panels for your home, you need to have in-depth knowledge of how they work.

This is a large part of the reason that the best solar installation is almost always handled by professionals. People who install panels for a living will be able to tell where panels should be positioned, what dimensions they should be to handle your energy use, and what setup will work best in your climate.

If you try this yourself and get it wrong, you could end up spending more on energy over time and lose out on potential savings. You could also end up spending more on repairs and re-installation.

Solar Wiring

Solar panels can’t just be plugged in. They need to be integrated into your electrical system. This process involves complex, high-voltage electrical work that can be dangerous to even an experienced do-it-yourselfer. Wiring things incorrectly can blow your power or result in a fire hazard. In some states you won’t even legally be allowed to hook up solar panels yourself.

The safest and best solar installation is performed by professionals who know the electrical ins and outs of solar panels and can wire your home safely. They can also maximize the amount of energy you get from your system and repair it under warranty if anything goes wrong.

Permits and Regulations

When you install solar energy systems yourself, it’s very hard to comply with the many regulations placed on residential systems. You may not know what permits you need, or whether or not you need approval from local electrical or building code inspectors. Professionals have all of this information and can make sure you comply with proper standards.

Contact an installer in your area to get the most out of your solar panels.

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