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Common Custom Home Building Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Updated 3/3/21

If you’re looking for a new home, you might consider looking into custom home building companies. These businesses will build a home from scratch on the land that you own. So rather than adapting an existing house to your needs, you will build it to be exactly what you want from the start. If you think you want to get a house built on my land, you’ll need to talk to a design-build custom home builder. Someone who has the experience and is able to design and build homes can help from the beginning, adapting your ideas into something that will work in reality. They can walk you through the laws and will also likely have a network of other professionals that they work with in order to cover all aspects of getting the house built up to code. Estate home builders are professionals and they know what they are doing. So consult them from the start of your planning process and you’ll end up with the house of your dreams by the end of the work.

    • Purchasing a property before you talk to a builder or designer. If you do this, you may find that your builder can’t actually build what you want on the property you’ve chosen. This can severely limit your design options. Everyone dreams of creating custom built homes for their family, but not everyone realizes that there are plenty of potential missteps along the way. Creating new custom homes isn’t as easy as hiring a builder, choosing a design, and waiting to move in. Here are several mistakes many people make when they build and buy luxury homes that you should avoid:


    • Creating a design before choosing a builder. Your builder should be a part of the process from start to finish, even if you go with an architect for the design. Otherwise, communication issues and practical limitations will bog down your project.


    • Accepting a price-per-foot estimate. This pricing standard doesn’t make sense, especially if you’re having features added and using alternate materials. Make sure you know how much each component of your project is going to add to the final price.


    • Withholding information from your builder. Good communication is essential in any relationship, but especially so when you buy luxury homes. Your builder needs to know where you’re coming from, and holding back will only land you with a house you don’t like.


    • Aquiring bids from other subcontractors. Hiring subcontractors yourself may seem like a good way to cut costs, but people who build custom designed homes already have a network of reliable subcontractors. Usually they stick with these people because they’re the best they’ve worked with. If you choose your own subcontractors, you could cause infighting or run into trouble with warranties.


    • Choosing cheap materials to meet a budget. This is another way people who buy luxury homes cut costs, but it doesn’t pay off in the long run. Remember, new luxury homes are a major investment. You don’t want to spend so much on a project only to have it fall apart in a few years. Paying more up front will ultimately save you money on repair costs.


Avoid these mistakes and you’ll have a much better experience building your custom home.
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