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10 Top Angies List Home Repair Services

Angies List home repair contractors are generally skilled craftsmen that have proper tools and experience repairing and servicing a variety of home appliances and assets. This type of work is often referred to as handyman work or home maintenance work. Examples of Angies List home repairs include the repair or replacement of appliances, house wiring, plumbing, roofs, siding, carpentry, electrical, flooring, painting, and staining.

Tree Services

Moving and planting trees is often part of home maintenance performed by a tree company. Large trees are considered to be extremely valuable living resources that can grow and mature with the seasons and over decades. If they are poorly placed or planted, or if they are not sized and placed properly for maintenance, trees can become diseased, damaged, or even die.

A well-planned planting plan can provide not only beautiful landscaping features and landscaping value, but can also provide excellent home protection from wind, storms, and other violent weather systems.

You can find a host of skilled Angies List home repair contractors that have experience removing and servicing trees.

Roofing Services

Local roofers can help you understand the importance of evaluating and documenting roofing problems, the solutions to various roofing problems, and identify what maintenance needs may be appropriate. Some roofing problems that are not visible from the exterior are as problematic from the inside as they are from the outside. Roofing is not covered by insurance unless it is presented to insurance companies in the context of a proper claim. Some examples are roof shingles that are cracked, leaking, or loosened, roof drains that have clogged, or roofing materials that have been damaged by insects or weather and require replacement.

Unfortunately, many homeowners have inadequate knowledge about roofing and the application of roofing materials, such as shingles, metal, and stone. Also, homeowners seldom know enough about roofers and their abilities to select, contact, and engage roofers who have the skills necessary for roofing and who know the terminology and details of roofing. You’ll want to find a local roofer with experience, positive reviews, and solid customer service.

Landscaping Services

A landscaper may be hired to remove a dead tree or clean up an overgrown, unwanted landscape. They may clean up existing lawns, replace broken concrete or plant decorative trees, shrubs, and vines. They may also remove weeds from flower beds, remove or trim shrubs, and repair sidewalk cracks and patio blocks. A landscape installation contractor also may provide irrigation and drainage and may provide new landscapes and pathways. Some landscapers may also sell landscape plants, mulch, gardening containers, and various garden accessories.

Landscaping can also be part of Angies List home repair or renovation projects. If a basement is flooded with water, the water damage repair person may clean up the soaked areas to prepare for the renovation. If a homeowner has severe racking and peeling paint from a bedroom, an interior painter may restore the room to look like the desired color scheme. If carpeting has been ripped up from the floor, a home remodeling company may replace it with a soft-molded, efficient, energy-saving carpet.

Landscape contractors may also install new landscaping to create an attractive yard or landscape. If a homeowner wants modern, stylish landscaping, he can hire an outside landscaper to landscape the yard. Often landscapers will provide plant catalogs and other information about new plants and flowers, soil types and soil mixes, and other landscaping materials and supplies to purchase.

HVAC Services

HVAC is often part of Angies List home repair. A competent HVAC company can repair anything that a homeowner might need, from changing air filters to changing furnace filters. Like renovation, it also includes fixing defective equipment and replacing obsolete ones. A good HVAC contractor will do the extra work to install a commercial-grade unit, which uses more efficient heating or cooling technology. This can significantly lower energy costs. As a result, owners are more likely to leave their air conditioning on when necessary to prevent damage to their heating system.

Commercial HVAC systems are typically large and require the proper oversight, expertise, and facilities to properly repair or install them. A qualified HVAC contractor can set up an HVAC maintenance program to pay for ongoing HVAC maintenance. This is part of overall home maintenance, which also includes checking or replacing furnace filters and using efficient heating and cooling appliances. Many homeowners find these efforts cost-effective and self-sufficient. However, this is not a self-sustaining maintenance program.

Every HVAC system has an expiration date. Sometimes the replacement or repair costs exceed the new or existing cost of a new or more expensive unit. This is particularly true of large systems, which may require as much as a new furnace or air conditioning unit in order to keep costs down. Commercial HVAC repair companies will keep this in mind, but the cost to repair a non-depreciated system may not be affordable to many homeowners.

Electrical Services

Sometimes there are general issues that come up when a home is renovated or a new building is installed, resulting in a complete refurbishment of an electrical system. Other times, the problem is within the home itself. Perhaps there is a short that was repaired by someone else. This is often a time-sensitive issue that requires the installation of a new breaker box or associated electrical wire. A real home Angies List home repair can take several hours to complete, while a natural disaster can mean months of repairs. Sometimes it is necessary to unplug a home to safely isolate the hazards in that area of the home.

A local electrician can usually help with the electrical repair and installation of electrical systems. As such, electrical contractors can provide valuable expertise, but a homeowner can save money and avoid more unnecessary work by asking a local electrician to assess and diagnose the electrical system. The cost of repairing an electrician’s mistake is usually small compared to an expensive electrical system replacement.

Plumbing Services

Plumbing service is often part of Angies List home repair. Among its many aspects, plumbing installation and repair includes: plumbing system inspections, replacement and repair of plumbing fixtures, installation of plumbing and fixtures with a safe flow level or high water pressure or (if less common) an almost certain spill and leakage, plumbing service for water appliances, plumbing services for heating and cooling systems, plumbing repair and replacement for sewage pipes, plumbing and drain pipe and drainage, plumbing related for water-tightness, and plumbing for solar power systems.

Waste Removal Services

Home systems have limited life spans, and waste disposal must be properly monitored to avoid potential waste and damage in the future. Consider setting aside enough funds to allow for waste removal on regular intervals, and carry extra household trash and recyclables to the closest waste disposal service or drop off on regular intervals, until regular shipments of household garbage may be scheduled. Such a service may be fairly inexpensive or even free, or the user may elect to add this cost to their Angies List home repair or maintenance costs, so they can dispose of garbage on a regular basis.

In the U.S., local waste removal, recycling, and disposal services exist in many localities, for almost every service and item that may be required for Angies List home repair or maintenance. But due to budget constraints, limited support services, and local regulations, many consumers are left to sort, separate, haul, clean, pack, deliver, and properly dispose of their waste themselves, at considerable risk and cost. Especially in remote, rural, and economically disadvantaged areas, the failure to properly dispose of waste can have disastrous consequences.

While it may be tempting to dump unwanted or unused items into the garbage disposal, or into a garbage bin, waste disposal has many dangers, with all the potential consequences associated with dangerous levels of hazardous materials such as acids, acids, salt, dust, and fly eggs, petroleum products, acids, alkalis, acids, and hazardous materials in any other form that may be disposed of incorrectly. In addition, accidents that result from the handling or disposal of waste can result in severe injury or death.

Garage Door Services

Garages generally have to be properly insulated, which is the initial requirement for garage door repair services. Sometimes, due to poor insulation or poor maintenance, the garage door is insulated with inadequate materials, and one of the functions of garages is to keep out the weather. It’s essential that garages are kept properly insulated, so that the space can be kept insulated and as warm or cooler than the surrounding area. The garage doors must be properly insulated in order to keep the doors and their loads from being overheated. As well, the door should be able to withstand the test of time, because garage doors often serve decades of heavy-duty, open-door operation.

Garage door problems often arise from overheating. This could occur when the garage door or its interior is not properly insulated. This means that the garage doors need to be insulated with adequate materials and kept insulated properly. This can involve garage door repair services to conduct a proper garage door insulation repair.

Garage doors can also let water in from the outside. This may occur in the case of clogged gutters or drainage around the perimeter of the house, or from an improperly installed garage door. It is best to have a professional inspection done if a leak or water is found coming through damaged roof gutters or a drainage point. This inspection should also be carried out if the garage doors have poor insulation or are of poor quality, causing overheating.

Mold Removal Services

Angies List home repair services can include the elimination of mold and other mildew issues before they cause serious problems. In addition, a mold inspection can be used to show the extent of deterioration or structural issues resulting from minor leaks, mildew, and mold in the attic or basement, which have been overlooked.

Mold is a natural contaminant of a building’s indoor environment. While people have lived in homes for thousands of years, there are new environmental risks that have caused mold to be a growing concern. Bacteria and fungi can live in mildew, and when mildew or other forms of contamination has gone undetected, the property owner may have serious problems, including sickness and injury from contaminated personal items or family pets.

In addition to potential safety hazards, mold has a significant impact on the health of the people living in a building, and can be especially harmful to infants, the elderly, and others with a respiratory conditions. It can produce a variety of respiratory irritations and symptoms including allergic asthma, itchy eyes, and a cough. People living in the same home will have different responses to mold. Homeowners who have mold problems may experience signs of mold damage in different locations of their homes, and the severity of the problems will vary based on the amount of the damage, the severity of exposure, and the type of mold involved. Mold is often easier to identify if it is on walls or other indoor surfaces rather than in the attic or basement. Inspection and removal are usually needed, not just to rid the home of a nuisance, but to ensure a safe living environment.

Residential Countertop Services

Old countertops and countertop spacings may need to be repaired, resurfaced, or replaced entirely. A countertop service will resurface, refinish, seal, stain, or grout existing countertops, often with new materials. New countertops may be inlaid, stainless steel, carbon steel, porcelain-on-steel, porcelain on stoneware, or stained or dyed wood. Also, new laminate countertops with matching appliances may be installed.

Important ‘downtime’ expenses can arise because it can be difficult to keep up with the volume of material and labor required to maintain old and new countertops. Deterioration due to moisture, salt air, and other conditions can occur and necessitate the replacement of countertops. A home may require additional kitchen sinks, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, and water heaters, as well as additional kitchen cabinetry and countertop repair.

The most important reason to replace countertops and countertop surfaces is to maximize your storage space, increase your countertop surface, and offer a smoother, more beautiful countertop surface. Many countertops look better with a new countertop finish and grooves or squares than with old, stained, cracked, or scratched ones. Many styles of decorative countertop designs provide a solution for increasing countertop surface coverage without increasing overall countertop height and can have contents stored behind countertop coverings.


Angies List home repair services are done by expert contractors that have the experience, tools, and knowledge to perform multiple home services. When a house is experiencing maintenance issues that can be solved with simple, low-cost repairs, the combination of those repairs with a minor investment in a good home or appliance design can have a positive impact on the long-term life of your home and how it works.

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