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Reasons Why You Should Use a Soft Close Drawer

Soft close is a premium feature that may be found on some drawer slides. It makes it possible for drawers to close quietly and smoothly. The gentle close mechanism takes over and shuts the drawer or cabinet the rest of the way when you close a drawer or cabinet with this feature just before it closes fully. It’s nearly magical.

Soft-close under-mount drawers have become one of the defining features of high-end cabinetry and closet systems.

A soft shut drawer is in high demand among customers, and the industry is pushing it heavily. If you’re purchasing a new closet system, be sure it has soft-close drawers. But what precisely is it?

How Does a Soft Close Drawer Works?

“How do self-closing drawer slides work?” you might be asking. Because of the unique hydraulics incorporated into the system, it is capable of doing so. Every soft close/self close drawer slide has a spring and piston mechanism (also known as hydraulics) that controls the drawer’s closure. Furthermore, each drawer slide is made up of three main components: the sliding arm, the metal enclosure, and the drawer itself.

The system’s stationary component is the metal housing. It’s the hardware that attaches to the inside of your closet or cabinet. It has a sliding/moving arm that is linked to drawer runners and allows the drawers to open and close.

Metal channels affixed to the drawer box are known as drawer runners. When a soft close drawer is roughly 75 percent closed, the sliding arm catches on the spring and piston in the metal housing, softly pulling the drawer closed the last distance.

Benefits of Using this Technology

Here are a number of the benefits you’ll get when using this type of drawer mechanism:

  • Drawers automatically close and will never be left open. All it takes is a little push to activate the mechanism that closes the drawer the rest of the way.
  • The drawer contents stay in place and are not jostled around thanks to the smooth, soft closure.
  • Soft close doors and drawers cannot be banged shut, guaranteeing that they close gently and quietly every time.
  • Because fingers cannot be squashed in the closing door or drawer, a soft close is safer.
  • Because the gentle closure puts less stress on the drawer box and cabinetry, soft-close drawers tend to last longer.

Before making any purchase, it’s critical to know what you’re getting. There are a variety of drawer slides to choose from in the market today. Some can feature gentle closure functionality, while others cannot. The metal sliding mechanism linked to the drawer box is referred to as the drawer slide.

Depending on the kind, this sliding mechanism might be mounted to the sides or beneath the drawer box. It’s what permits drawers to open and close smoothly. Soft close refers to a hydraulic dampening system used in some drawer slides that allows them to close quietly and smoothly.

Types of Soft Close Drawers

Here are the three main types of a soft close drawer that you should be aware of:

  • European Slides: Euro slides are nylon-wheeled slides with an epoxy coating. Soft close is not accessible on these. On a conventional pull-out shelf, this sort of slide is commonly utilized.
  • Ball Bearing Slides: These drawer slides employ small ball bearings that glide smoothly and gently. They are connected to the sides of the drawer box. The zinc-coated, metallic silver slide is visible when the drawer is open. On this type of slide, soft close technology is uncommon.
  • Under-mount Slides: These slides are mounted beneath the sliding shelf or drawer, as the name implies. They’re mounted in pairs, one on either side of the drawer box. They are concealed from view even when the drawer is open since they are located beneath it. They are the most costly form of drawer slide since they are full extensions. This slide is best suited to conventional cabinet or closet drawers with a face and a handle.

Choose a Soft Close Drawer for Your Cabinet

Not all self-closing drawers are soft close, and not all soft close drawers are self-closing. Hydraulic technology is what actually guides the drawer box to a smooth and gentle closure. It is an essential soft close drawer hardware for a drawer to be termed soft close.

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