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The Glamourous Landscaping Checklist For Your Yard

Today, numerous tree service companies are dedicated to maintaining beautiful and healthy trees and shrubs. Regular tree servicing and maintenance fosters healthy tree growth and can improve the production of fruits and flowers. Whether you have a small courtyard in the city or a huge estate in the country, thoughtful thoughts on elegant landscape and design are the key to creating an outdoor refuge. You might desire the greatest design and layout of lawns and gardens that make the most of their natural surroundings to help you alter your patios, yards, gardens, and more.

Garden designers and landscapers can be invaluable in assisting you in achieving the layout you desire. They are knowledgeable about horticulture concepts, effective watering practices, and the usage of environmentally friendly materials. They can also study your home’s particular terrain to create your ideal outside space, complete with the appropriate plants and systems for the natural environment. They also give valuable advice on the best way to landscape around house, as well as follow-up services to ensure you obtain the layout of your dreams.

When you have outdoor spaces that could look better, you may need to hire a home landscape designer to help you design a better look for those spaces. You may not know how to design a yard landscape, but a designer can help you to create the plans needed to make beautiful spaces in your yard. This may include the use of hardscapes to add a lot of visual interest to the sites.

If you don’t know how to design a landscape for backyard and aren’t sure where to find a designer, talk to local plant nurseries. Some of them do have designers they work with and can help you to work with them. Having a designer will allow you to find out the best plants to get the look you want for your outdoor spaces.

There are many different landscape design styles that can be used to shape up your yard. A designer will be able to talk to you about different styles so that you can get an idea of what you want. It’s also a good idea to use native plants in the design. This ensures that the plants won’t be too difficult and time-consuming to care for.

If you want a beautiful yard, you need to focus on landscaping. Before you start, consider what you would like your yard to look like. Look into cool landscape designs online or at houses in your area. Use these as inspiration as you design your landscape. Once you have the ideas in your head, you can get started. Create a landscape that fits into your yard.

In order to do this, you’ll likely need to hire professionals to come in and help you. Tree removal should be done by trained technicians. Otherwise, it can get dangerous. You can also hire people to do the planting and maintenance, allowing you to enjoy the landscaping without dealing with any of the work involved. When you design my landscaping, you get to make your yard look exactly how you want it to. While you’re constrained by space or budget, anything else can be negotiated. So take your time figuring out what you like. Explore different landscaping options before you hire anyone to help you. This will guide you toward the exact yard you want.

When you want to landscape a specific area, whether it’s at your home or your business, you need to find out how do you design a landscape. When you are trying to design your landscaped area, looking online at various plans can help you figure out which design elements you want in your own landscaping. You can do this with your commercial lawn maintenance company so that they can help with the landscaping or go to a home landscape designer to find out how to get the design you want in your own home.

If you have a company nearby that does home landscape supply, they can help you design and implement the landscaping you want. You may not know how to design a landscape garden, but a local landscape store or nursery can help you to make your design real. It’s a good idea to look on sites like Pinterest to figure out which designs would work the best in your area. You can get many interesting ideas from other people’s designs and incorporate those ideas into your own landscaping designs for your own home or business.

Landscaping not only makes your backyard beautiful but also attractive. You might find it difficult to maintain the high standard that comes along with having a clean and admirable backyard. Find a landscaping company that can help you maintain your backyard. Find one that is cost-efficient and has a high standard in terms of offering services.

Further, landscaping your backyard in terms of house style, your lifestyle, and your environment is also important. From your landscaping company, you may get advice on the things to include on your lawn and backyard. Similarly, from the magazines to websites, you may get a faint idea of how to ensure that your outdoor experience is satisfying to you and others.

Seeking adequate information on how to landscape your backyard will ensure you’re fully equipped with the knowledge of a charmingly simple look for your backyard. A beautiful home that’s been well maintained and is absent of pests and diseases can increase your property valuation. On many occasions, you can get great landscaping recommendations customized for your space. Knowledge of your home is important when coming up with ideas for landscaping your backyard. Landscaping residential homes is definitely a more expensive and exclusive affair, but highly satisfying if you get your ideal landscaping design for your backyard.


Regardless of whether you’re moving from winter into spring, or fall into winter, landscape maintenance should be added to your to-do list around the home. There are times of the year where you’ll have to do some bigger maintenance projects, such as preparing your yard for winter, or spring when you’re ready to plant a garden. However, you should also be performing general maintenance throughout the year to keep your yard and landscaping in tip-top shape. It’s not just for the looks. Landscaping can up your home value by as much as 14%, so if you’re thinking of selling in the future, make sure you’ve kept on top of it. Here are some of the most important tasks to add to your landscape maintenance checklist throughout the year.

Lawn Care

The first few tasks on your landscape maintenance checklist should be lawn and garden care. Your lawn is generally the first part of your landscaping that is noticed when it comes to curb appeal. Even if your house is renovated and new, an unhealthy or not well-kept lawn will drag down the value of your home. Here are some basics to add to your landscape maintenance checklist in regards to your lawn.


Generally, a good rule to follow is weekly mowing for your lawn. This varies based on your location and grass. Some lawns may need to be more frequently mowed, some may only need mowing every 10 days to two weeks.

Another general rule to follow is to never cut more than one-third of the grass blade at once. If you cut more than that at once, you could negatively impact the health of the grass. Longer grass is also better at retaining water. If you follow these tips, you’ll keep your lawn as healthy as it can be. This means that if you have any projects where you have to dig up portions of your lawn, such as plumbing projects, your lawn will bounce back faster than it would otherwise.


The best time of year to fertilize your lawn is during spring and fall, or when the temperature is between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. There are a few different options for fertilizing. You could use grass seed to enhance the thickness and growth of your lawn, you could use fertilizer or mulch to provide nutrients to your lawn, you could also aerate to improve airflow to the roots for better growth.

Sprinkler Systems

Part of caring for your lawn is also maintaining your sprinkler systems. Whether you have a built-in sprinkler or prefer an attachment to your hose, you need to make sure your lawn is getting watered and that your system is working well. Sprinkler maintenance includes “winterizing” your system. You’ll need to drain the pipes and turn off any timers so they don’t start up again. Once spring comes, restart the timer and turn back on the master valve.

Garden Care

Next on your landscape maintenance checklist should be garden care. After your lawn, the plant life in your yard will do wonders to boost curb appeal and make your outdoor space better overall.

You’ll want to start with flower beds around your home and the perimeter of your yard. Start by weeding and removing dead leaves and debris. This will already make the area look cleaner and give you a better idea of what you’re working with as far as your plant’s health. You can then lay down landscaping material, such as mulch, to prevent future weed growth. It can also help the ground retain moisture if you live in a dryer climate. Again, a lot of plants do well if you prune and care for them in late fall or early winter so they will be revitalized and ready to grow in spring. This includes cutting back bushes and branches, and pinching, or cutting the heads off of flowers.

In spring when you’re ready to plant new plants, keep in mind the time and attention you can give to them as well as the location in your yard. Some plants need more attention and if you don’t have the energy or time to care for them, you should avoid those and they will quickly die and won’t be pleasant to look at. You also need to take into consideration the light levels you get in different parts of your garden. Some plants need full shade while others like bright indirect or direct sunlight. Talk with the gardeners at your local garden center for suggestions on the best plants to put in your space.

Another item to add to your landscape maintenance checklist in regards to garden care is fixing up the structure around your garden. Whether it’s a fence or taller wall check on it throughout the year to make sure it’s holding up to the elements and protecting your garden for critters. Letting this structure go uncared for can quickly create a large eyesore in your landscaping. After winter, make sure to repair any broken sections. You may consider repainting and removing any rust that accumulated. You could even replace the structure to add to your curb appeal. If you’ve got a metal fence, consider custom iron gates at the entrance to create a beautiful addition to your garden.

Shrub And Tree Care

Tree and shrub care is important throughout the year for your plants, but never as important as it is at the end of fall in preparation for winter. That’s why you should add shrub and tree care to your landscape maintenance checklist.

The main reason that pruning and caring for your trees and shrubs in early winter is for their overall health. If you perform branch removal or cut back and shape the plants while they are dormant, they will be revitalized and ready to grow healthier in spring. It’s also good to trim back large branches that hang over your house or parking areas to protect your property during any winter storms. Finally, pruning in early winter can prevent certain pests and diseases from affecting your tree.

As you prepare to perform shrub and tree care, consider hiring a tree care service to do the work or even just to consult with about which steps will be best for your plants. You can use either power shears or hand shears to trim back your plants. If you opt for power shears, may sure to take extreme caution or get help using them. It’s better to be safe than sorry as this tool can be dangerous if used incorrectly.

Pest Control

Pests can wreak serious havoc in your yard if you don’t take the proper steps to keep them away. Pest control should be an item on your landscape maintenance checklist that you check off, but continue to look into periodically throughout the year.

landscaping company

The most natural form of pest control you can apply to your landscaping is in the form of plants. There are specific plants that ward off certain pests and can make your outdoor experience in your yard more pleasant. For example, lavender works to keep fleas and mosquitos away. However, it does attract bees. Lemongrass and marigolds are also a great plant to use to ward off mosquitos. If you’re trying to keep pests out of your garden, you may consider planting alliums or fennel to ward off slugs, snails, and cabbage worms. You can also consider releasing ladybugs in your garden to eat aphids and other plant pests. You can find them at your local garden center.

You may also find yourself dealing with pests such as ants. If you spend a lot of time on your back patio and eat out there, any dropped crumbs can attract thousands of ants. Depending on the severity of your problem, you can either handle it yourself with at-home tricks and tips or hire an ant extermination professional.

If you opt to handle them yourself, you will need to first look into what form of bait will work best for your situation. You’ll need to identify the type of ant so you can determine which removal process will work best. You can try liquid bait which is toxic for ants and will kill the entire colony. You can also spray with an insecticide, just make sure to keep pets and children away from the area for the recommended amount of time.

Pavement Maintenance

Another important item on your landscape maintenance checklist should be pavement maintenance. Throughout the year your sidewalks and driveway will take some damage. Whether it’s cracks due to tree roots growing under them, or just general wear and tear, you should make sure to keep up with repairing these issues. Not only does damaged pavement look unsightly, but it can also be dangerous, causing falls that can really hurt you or visitors.

If you have large patches of pavement to repair, you may consider talking with a landscaping contractor about what your best options for repairs and materials are. Some material holds up better than others, and depending on your climate you may be better off with some options than others. Concrete and cement are the most common options, but some homeowners choose to opt for bricks, limestone, or stone tiles.

Gutter Cleaning

Your gutters may not seem like they would be considered an item on your landscaping maintenance checklist, however, their care can have a large impact on certain elements of your yard and landscaping. Gutters that don’t properly drain cause leaks that flood parts of your yard and can go so far as to damage your roof and the siding on your home.

Make sure to clean out your gutters periodically to make sure they are clear and working properly for drainage. Leaves and other debris will collect in them if you don’t have gutter covers, so make sure to get up on your roof and clean them out. You can use a hose with a spray nozzle to clear out of a lot of the gunk that builds up. You can also use a scoop to clear out clusters of debris. Make sure to wear thick gloves as bird poop and mold can be in your gutter and you don’t want that getting on your hands or getting into any cuts or scrapes you may have.

You should also check on the downspout as well to make sure it isn’t clogged. Run a house down it at full pressure to dislodge any clogs and make sure that water can run easily through it into the drain.

General Cleaning

The final thing to make sure you have on your landscape maintenance checklist is general cleaning throughout your yard. This means clearing out built-up dirt, debris, or trash that is uncovered when the snow melts and when spring comes, pulling weeds during spring and summer, and raking up fallen leaves and branches during fall and early winter. The more you stay on top of cleaning, the easier it will be throughout the year. It’s better to clean periodically than wait until the end of the season when you have a lot to do.

Glamorous Landscaping

As you check these items off your landscape maintenance checklist, you will be happy with the beautiful and “glamorous” progress your yard has made. These aren’t necessarily meant to all be done at once or within a short window of time. You can spread them out over the warmer seasons. Some will need to be done more than once and should be added to a more frequent to-do list. But as you perform each of these tasks and keep up with the maintenance, you will be rewarded with a beautiful yard that is great to look at and adds value to your home.

There are many ways to create really good looking landscapes. Some of these areas will be filled with trees. The individuals who have these sorts of landscapes will have to focus more on tree maintenance. Open landscapes that have fewer trees can also be lovely. Some people will want to focus more on adding flowers, shrubs, and ferns to their landscapes. Brick or stone paths, fountains, gates, fences, and similar features can also enhance many backyard landscapes.

Since there are many different landscape features, people might want to more or less add everything that they can to their backyard landscapes. It’s certainly possible to have a varied and intricate landscape that’s full of interesting plants and other items. However, maintaining those sorts of spaces can be more difficult. Even the inanimate landscape features can still require some forms of relatively basic maintenance, or they’ll start to seem worn.

Landscapes that have comparatively few features can seem unfinished, but they might be simpler to manage. People performing ‘landscape my backyard’ searches might need some assistance with deciding on the precise set of landscaping features that they really want. A professional home landscape designer will know how to landscape your backyard successfully.


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