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There Ways Your Naturally Healthy Lawn is Good for Your Purse and the Environment


You probably watch all of the great home shows on the cable channels, telling you that a naturally healthy lawn is something easy to get and even easier to keep. Maybe you have tried all that you know how to do but keep coming up with reasons to just give up on the lawn altogether.

But that is not what you want. You long for the days when you will have the best lawn on the block, maybe even the development. Lawn care services specialize in giving you a naturally healthy lawn while at the same time (and even more importantly) giving you a lawn that will save you money on your bills and aid the environment while it is at it. Here are three ways your lawn is getting it all done.

1.) Your naturally healthy lawn fights pollution.

One of the main things your lawn does is fight off pollution. It is estimated that turfgrass traps around 12 million tons of dust and dirt that get released every year into the air right here in the United States. Imagine what it would be like if you did not have that beautiful lawn. If you have allergies, they would undoubtedly get worse. In addition, dust and sand would get everywhere.

2.) Your healthy lawn absorbs rainwater.

When you have a healthy lawn, it will prevent run-offs from hard rainfall. A lawn will absorb rainfall six times more effectively than a hay field. The importance of this should be obvious. If you do not want the runoff from a rain storm heading straight for your basement, make sure you have a healthy lawn.

3.) Your naturally healthy lawn will save you some money on your cooling bills.

When you take the front lawns of eight average houses and average
them out, you get the cooling effect of somewhere around 70 tons of air conditioning. The average home-size central air unit only has a three to four-ton capacity. Maybe you know someone who has a beautiful, healthy lawn. The likelihood that their home is benefitting substantially from a healthy lawn is very great. They likely use their air conditioner much less than you do.

Let’s face it: wanting a beautiful, healthy, manicured lawn is not simply a vanity project. Keeping up with the Jones’s might have been what gave you the interest in your lawn in the first place, but there are many other reasons to make sure your lawn is maintained and always cared for.

Your healthy lawn will help you do your part by fighting pollutants in the air. It will gather loose particles and save you and the atmosphere from having to breathe them in. It will help with the rainfall during the seasons when you and your neighborhood will see the most storms. It gathers the water and drinks it in, keeping it out of your basement every time there is more than a drizzle. It will also save you money on your air conditioning bills, naturally cooling as the sun hits it.

All of those practical aspects of having a healthy lawn do make a whole lot of sense and they are all very true. But, who is kidding whom? You know that when your lawn is a thing of beauty, you can stand proud, knowing that you did everything you could do to get your lawn to be this good. You got the right lawn service to do all of this and now, you are just going to sit back and relax and enjoy it all while it lasts.

When the winter comes, your lawn service will keep up with your yard, making sure everything is ready for next spring. Next spring is the time when you get to see all of Mother Nature’s magic in full force, bring those blades of grass back into your beautiful, healthy lawn.

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