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5 Signs You Need to Call a Pool Contractor

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A pool is one of the finer things in life, meant to be enjoyed. In 2014, the Houzz Spring Landscaping Trends Study found that 83% of those surveyed felt their backyard was an ideal place to entertain guests. One important part of having a great and entertaining backyard space is with the inclusion of a pool. Over time, every pool will begin to show signs of wear. It’s wise to stay ahead of full scale replacements by learning a few common signs to call for professional pool help. Here are five signs you need to call a pool contractor.

  1. Stains Appear on Surface of Pool

    Many different materials can cause stains on the surface of a pool. Cleaning stains off of a pool’s surface on your own is a risky endeavor. Scrubbing one area incorrectly or using the wrong products could cause permanent damage to your pool. It’s wise to enlist the help of pool contractors to complete a professional stain cleaning. In certain situations, your pool may need a resurfacing.
  2. Pool Plaster Peels Away

    If you’ve noticing peeling plaster, you’ll tend to see flakes floating around in the water. This situation usually happens when pool has improper calcium or ph levels. When pool plaster begins to erode away, you might hear this called spalling. Unfortunately, there aren’t many ways available to repair or lessen the harm of peeling plaster. You’ll find it’s best to enlist the help of renovators for a pool resurfacing. Pool plaster wears down over time, taking about 10-15 years before a new coat is needed.
  3. Bottom of Pool Feels Rough

    Walking on a newly surfaced pool is stepping onto a smooth surface. A pool should be a place where swimmers can feel encouraged to keep their socks and shoes off. Over time, a surfaced pool can lose its smoothness which causes it to feel rough to the touch. If the bottom of your pool has a sandpaper like texture, it’s time to start calling pool contractors in your area.
  4. Cracks Around Pool

    It’s wise to enlist the help of pool contractors when dealing with cracks. If you notice a few cracks around your pool, there might be more that are harder to see. A pool contractor will provide you with the best course of action, depending on the amount and severity of cracks. Certain pool cracks can run deep which might not make a simple painting the best option. Pool contractors will ensure the cracks in your pool are filled and repaired in an accurate manner.
  5. Matter Collects on Top Layer of Water

    In many cases, you’ll find a pool stays safe all year round with the use of a pool liner. Having a pool liner helps to ensure the surface of your pool stays in great condition. You might have a pool liner but are still experiencing issues which might mean it’s time for a liner replacement. Statistics show that the average pool liner lasts anywhere from 5-12 years.

In summary, there are several imperative reasons to enlist the help of pool contractors. If you’ve noticed that stains are appearing on the surface of your pool, it’s time to call a professional. A pool’s surface can be an especially sensitive material, especially to potentially harsh cleaners. If the plaster surrounding your pool is beginning to fade, it may start appearing in the water. Many pool renovations take place due to peeling plaster, otherwise known as stalling. You may have experienced a sign your pool needs resurfacing without even knowing it. If a pool’s surface feels rough to the touch, it’s likely the entire interior area of a pool needs resurfacing. Pool contractors are wise to contact as they can perform a structural check which includes which includes checking for cracks in the pool. Many home owners continue to enjoy the joys of their investments with the help of pool contractors.

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