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Planning to Sell? Increase your Sale Price with Professional Landscaping Services

Minnesota landscaping ideas

Were you aware that the investment you make on landscaping your house can bring you a return on your investment of 100% to 200% when you sell? That’s what Money A recent Clemson University study found that homes with “excellent,” as opposed to “good,” landscaping could also sell for approximately 6% to 7% higher. Data showed that that this was even the case when the houses themselves were architecturally similar.

What constitutes excellent versus good landscaping? While the definitions for this will vary, grounds with lush, shady trees are definitely on the “excellent” list for many people. This is because shade trees are not just beautiful to look at and listen to, they are also a form of energy-efficient landscaping.

The United States Department of Energy states that homeowners can potentially save 30% on home heating bills when they have energy-efficient landscaping. Dense trees, for example, have the ability to block approximately 95% of the sunlight and 75% of the heat that radiates onto houses. Shade trees can also reduce air-conditioning costs by 15% to 50% during these hotter months.

Having trees can reduce noise pollution, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Studies have shown that unwanted noises can be masked by up to 50%. In addition, trees produce pleasant sounds when the breeze is blowing through their leaves. When birds and other wild creatures are able to nest in these large trees, homeowners are providing natural habitats.

Installing paving, such as patios and walkways, is also considered to be a sign of excellent landscaping. This is especially true when you use permeable paving. While it does depend on the design, paving material, soil type, and amount of rainfall, 70% to 80% of rainwater can potentially pass through this paving and enter the ground rather than running off.

If you are imagining a beautiful landscape design, then you want to work with experienced landscapers to bring this into being. Whether you need to revitalize that tired lawn, put in some shade trees and plants, or have an outdoor kitchen and fireplace built for entertaining, a professional landscaper can do this and more.

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