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It is a date that you will never forget.
June 3, 1980.
Night of the Twisters is what fourth graders who study weather and intriguing literature know about that date. For you, however, the story of that evening in Grand Island, Nebraska, is far more than a high interest elementary school read. You remember it as one of the scariest, and longest, nights of your life.
You were fortunate because about seven months before those tornadoes parked themselves over the city for several hours, you, your mom, and your sister had moved out of the trailer park where maintenance included the installation of tie down cables and flat roof coating applications. In fact, nearly seven months to the day after you moved from the trailer court of your childhood, you moved into the two bedroom apartment building that was built of brick. And while the brick would not have survived the weather that came through Grand Island that night had the storm carved its way through town two blocks to the north, the flat roof coating that was supposed to protect from any leaks and the cable tie downs that were supposed to serve as an anchor did little to protect that childhood home.
On that June 3rd nearly 40 years ago, there was little that any home owner could have done to protect their property. On that night the only thing anyone could have done, if they were unfortunate enough to be in the path of the storm, was to seek shelter in a basement and ride out the storm.
The Season of Threatening Weather Has Arrived in Many Parts of the Country
Shingled roofs can be ripped to shreds and sliding door windows can be thrown like blankets this time of the year in parts of America. In fact, the spring and summer months are a time when many insurance agents and home construction crews are kept very busy as they help home owners replace and rebuild homes and rentals that have been destroyed by high winds, tornadoes, torrential rains, and hail. From roofs to windows, to siding to decks, the severe weather season can play havoc with buildings and structures across the country. The business of providing emergency tarp service and the complete replacement of slate roofs peak in the months when storms are the most common.
On average, a home owner will spend between 1% and 4% of a home?s value a year on maintenance and repairs. A statistic that means the owner of a $200,000 home should budget $2,000 for yearly repairs. These costs, however, tend to increase as the house ages. A single spring or summer storm, however, can cause damages that require a much larger investment!
Whether your childhood memories are of the messy task of flat roof coating applications or helping with siding repairs, all of those memories can fade in an instant if you are ever faced with a storm that which hit a central Nebraska town on a Tuesday in June some 40 years ago.

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