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Increase Your House’s Curb Appeal with an Experienced Landscape Designer

Lawn care

If you’re planning to put your house on the market, were you aware that 97% of real estate agents will recommend that you invest in landscaping? Realtors recommend doing this for a variety of reasons, and consider it to be in the top-5 of the most effective home improvement projects.

Not only can investing in landscaping, such as putting in a nice lawn, increase your house’s curb appeal, it can also bring you up to a 215% return on your investment. Furthermore, landscaping can also make a difference in how long your house is on the market. Real estate agents have noted that this can reduce the time period by as much as 6 weeks.

If you’re curious how much other homeowners are budgeting for new landscapes, a recent survey showed that over half were planning to spend a minimum of $10,000. These projects were either current or upcoming, and 56% of the homeowners involved were planning to hire professional landscapers to handle these outdoor projects. Even though these homeowners budgeted $10,000, just 65% of the homeowners actually spent that amount on their recent outdoor improvements.

When it comes to upgrading their outdoor living spaces, homeowners have engaged in a variety of projects:

    Upgrading their backyard: 64%
  • Substantial projects: 58%
  • Complete overhaul: 29%

Some of the substantial projects included adding patio or walkway paving and new plant beds. Other projects in this category included building and/or upgrading structures such as decks, awnings, and gazebos. Homeowners that chose to completely overhaul their outdoor areas had regrading, terracing, and entirely new landscapes created.

When adding plants to their revitalized landscapes, 92% are deciding to use regional plants. Many homeowners and their landscape designers may be opting for plants that are specific to the region. In addition to providing a cohesive neighborhood design, these are also a sustainable choice.

Whether homeowners are upgrading to sell or to spend more quality time outdoors relaxing, gardening, and entertaining, landscaping can raise property values. It’s been demonstrated that upgrading can raise a home’s property value up to 12% and increase its resale value by 14%.

If you are preparing to sell your house, remember that 90% of real estate agents will recommend that you invest in landscaping prior to putting your house on the market. When you spend just 5% of your home’s value on increasing its curb appeal with a nice lawn and other additions, you may be able to receive up to a 150% return on this investment.

You may also be interested to know that 63% of prospective home buyers are willing to pay more for a house or apartment that has good green spaces. This translates, of course, as beautiful landscaping, complete with lush lawns, fragrant bushes and flowers, and shady trees.

Furthermore, if your house is also located in the vicinity of good shopping areas and cultural venues, you may also be able to increase its sale price. The survey showed that 34% of prospective home buyers are willing and prepared to pay more for a house or apartment that is located by good shops. Another 33% are willing to pay more if the house is close to cultural sites and activities.

Once you contact a landscape designer, they will be able to assist you with creating a plan to upgrade your front, back, and/or side yards. Rather than attempting to do all these upgrades yourself, hiring a landscape designer makes sense. Then all you need to do is contact that realtor to assist you with selling your house.

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