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Four Pest Control Issues You Should Hire a Pro For

According to the US Census Bureau, 14 million housing units reported seeing roaches, while 14.8 million encountered rodents in 2021. So, what does this mean? It means that pest control is a real issue facing many households.

When the weather changes, pests, and rodents instinctively seek warmer and more comfortable places. Unfortunately, one of these places may turn out to be your home. These intruders will find their way into wooden structures, stored food, and paper. Trying to solve this issue with pesticides and insecticides is a daunting and hazardous task. The safer and more effective approach is enlisting the services of pest removal companies.

These companies employ advanced techniques such as fumigation tanks and targeted treatments to eliminate pests from your living space. Essentially, you should book bi-monthly pest control visits to keep your home pest-free. Remember, the best period for pest control is April – the peak of spring – as they emerge from their winter hideout. The good news is you can book pest control online, thanks to technology.

Take your home safety a notch higher by learning about pests. You will find helpful information by purchasing a pest control book online. To give you a sneak peek, this article will cover four pest control issues for which you should hire a pro. Let’s get to it!

If your home is invested with pests, you can get help from a pest control company specializing in pest control and management services. One of the core benefits of professional pest control for home use is that they have sufficient experience eliminating pests quickly. If not contained in time, pests can be harmful to your health and costly to eradicate.

To be safe, you must take better pest and termite control measures immediately if you notice pest infestation in your home or commercial premises. Before hiring new pest control companies you should do your due diligence and research widely to ensure you’re working with qualified personnel.

Further, you must determine the type of industrial pest control products they use during their operation to ensure they are eco-friendly and of good quality. Nearly every home or office has pests; eliminating them can be difficult.

Before hiring a professional pest control service provider, you must establish and understand the issues you are battling. Let’s discuss four of the most common pest control issues for which you should consider hiring an expert.

If you have a home that has pests in it, you may need to call in a company to handle e it, as pest control is important for preventing a problem that gets worse. Larger, commercial buildings often need industrial pest control methods and companies that specialize in commercial pest control. Business exterminators often need to use different pest control chemicals and have to look at different areas of the building for hiding places. When a business has customers that regularly come in, it can be harder to get rid of pests, but it’s important for the safety of everyone in the building.

If it’s a home that needs better pest and termite control, you may need a bio exterminator to stop the infestation. These work with the biology of pests and prevent them from reproducing. This type of pest control is often more useful because pests can reproduce so quickly and keep the infestation going. If you have frequent pest problems, it may be a good idea to get a pest control contract so that your home is regularly treated to keep away the pests and keep any infestations from getting worse. No one wants to live with pests, and you shouldn’t have to.


Have you ever looked into a house call pest control service? You might be thinking, “There’s an entire aisle dedicated to household pest control methods, why would I need to pay more for a house call pest control service to do it for me?” It’s true, if you have a little know-how and a strong stomach, there are many pest control issues that you can take care of yourself.

However, there are some issues that you should always leave in the hands of a professional. We’re going to talk about those situations today:

Four Situations Where You Should Use a House Call Pest Control Service

    1. Use a professional house call pest control service is the pest you’re dealing with is hazardous to the health of the people and animals in your home.
      Did you know that there are nearly two million emergency room visits per year due to scary reactions to bug bites. The risk of being injured (sometimes fatally) by a bug bite steeply inclines if someone in your household is allergic to bug bites. Unfortunately, these allergic reactions can occur spontaneously, especially if you are stung multiple times. So there is no way to know if you’d have a dangerous reaction to a bug bite unless you’re actually attacked by one. To make matters worse, the types of pests that could be dangerous to the well-being of the people and animals in your home are the most aggressive when they feel threatened. The actions you have to take to get them out of your home would make them feel threatened. This is why you should play it safe and always leave ridding your home of dangerous pests to the professionals.Types of pests that fall in this category: Stinging insects like bees, wasps, red ants, and scorpions. Also, rodents like rats and mice or snakes can be dangerous if they feel threatened.


    1. Call in a pro if the pest control issue keeps coming back.
      Some pest control issues are extremely difficult — if not impossible — to completely cure on your own. Pests like roaches and bed bugs are extremely resistant to most DIY pesticides and hide in inconspicuous spots like behind the walls and inside the electric sockets. You might think you got them all, only to find them rear their nasty little heads again and again. These pest issues are a nightmare to deal with once, let alone over and over. Call in a pro to nip it in the bud once and for all.Types of pests that fall in this category: Bed bugs and cockroaches.


    1. Use a professional pest control service for pests that could damage your home.
      Some pests live inside your walls and slowly destroy the integrity of your home. You might not even know they’re there until one day you find out you have to replace several critical sections inside the walls, floors, or ceiling because they’ve been destroyed by pests. This is a type of pest control issue that you should not only call in a pro to handle entirely, but you should also get regular inspections from a pro to ensure your home is protected.Many termite control services offer a termite guarantee. If you hire them to inspect your property annually, if a problem arises during the warranty period, they’ll treat it for you before it becomes a real issue. You also might find you get a discount on your homeowner’s insurance if you have this coverage.Types of pests that fall in this category: Wood burrowing insects like carpenter ants and termites.


  1. Call in a pro if you don’t feel comfortable dealing with the pest yourself.
    You should never put yourself in a position that you feel uncomfortable to treat your home of pests. You might feel guilty paying someone else to handle a pest control issue that you could do yourself, but it is worth every penny to not expose yourself to a situation that triggers anxiety. If you want to DIY things to save money, make your own bread. Change your car’s oil yourself. Don’t treat a pest issue that scares you. You deserve to let a pro do it.Types of pests that fall in this category: Any type of critter that you don’t want to deal with.

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