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Reasons To Get Your Home Tested for Abestos

Water leak detection

We like to think of our homes as safe or sealed spaces that protect us from the dangers of the outside world. This is true, to an extent, but it’s also far more complicated than that. There are a lot of dangers that can leak into a home from the outside, more than you might think. It might seem overwhelming at first to think of all the potential hazards that can damage a home or a family but, fortunately, if you take a step back, most of them are easy to deal with. The following is a short list of potential outside dangers to homes and a few tips for dealing with them. Don’t let the health or price of your home suffer because of a little bit of neglect. Follow along and keep your friends and family safe from these common, external dangers.

    Let’s start with a danger that you might not expect. When we think of external dangers we think of natural disasters or animals, not dangers from another time. But the truth is, the past isn’t gone at all. We live right alongside it and have to deal with the mistakes or problems that were made before people knew better. Asbestos testing is important for any home that was built more than a few decades ago. You’ll want to make sure the level of asbestos in your home isn’t too high or over a certain limit. Prior to the 80’s, home-designers, architects and construction-personnel didn’t quite understand the danger that asbestos could cause. The science just wasn’t there. That’s why asbestos testing is so important. Many slightly older homes are full of hidden pockets of asbestos that can greatly increase the chance of lung cancer in all ages, from children to grown adults and the elderly. There’s no segment of the population that isn’t at risk. On a separate but related note, asbestos is also moderately flammable and too much of it can lead to greater increase of fire. After a house fire, asbestos can be even more deadly, so be sure, when buying or selling a home, to make sure that you’ve done all your asbestos testing and that your house is safe for everyone. It’s just good planning.
    Mold Removal
    Now we get to the slightly more traditional and expected external threats. Mold can seep into any home, regardless of geography or type of construction. Some types of mold are harmful but non-toxic. You’ll want to deal with these quickly and efficiently but the level of urgency will vary with exactly what type of mold it is. Other types of mold can be toxic or even lethal in small doses. With these types of mold, you’re going to want to get the proper, mold removal personnel in right away to take care of it. Medical problems aside, all types can cause damage to any part of a home. Often times, this type of mold cleanup can take a few hours or even a few days. Be sure to ask your mold removal specialist what sort of mold you’re dealing with so you know exactly what precautions to take. Like with asbestos testing, this is just good planning. You’ll want to keep everyone you know safe and healthy, no matter what the risk.
    Animal Invasion
    Of course, one of the most common risks to a home from the external world is enterprising animals who don’t seem to have a handle on exactly who’s home it is. This is a more specialized problem that can take one of any number of forms. Often times, it’s easy to make a mistake and assume you need water leak repair or mold repair instead of animal control. The damage to a home can look similar in all of these circumstances. But, like with asbestos testing, you’ll want to be quick and efficient for the safety of everyone in the home. Burrowing insects can weaken the structural support of a home. Animals such as moles and groundhogs can also weaken the foundation, if given time. Be vigilant and be humane when dealing with these problems.

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