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How To Improve Your Home’s Safety and Energy Efficiency

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You know that you can call upon your local electrician in an emergency, DIY enthusiasts also know that when it comes to electricals, it’s time to call in the professionals. It takes a qualified electrician to keep up with all the technical knowledge necessary, as well as all local safety regulations. But most people may not be aware that your local electrician can also help out with improving your home’s safety, as well as home energy efficiency.

Home electricals and fire safety
According to insurance company reports, electrical fires are a leading cause of of damage to property and injuries. About 47,700 home structure fires in 2011 were caused by an electrical problem, according to fire departments across the U.S.
Faulty wiring can be a serious fire hazard. A survey of home structure fires from 2007 to 2011 found that the majority, or 63%, were caused by wiring and related equipment. About one in five, or 20%, were caused by lamps, light bulbs and other light fixtures; cords and plugs accounted for another 11%. The remainder were due to malfunctioning transformers and power supplies.

Identify electrical problems before they become problems
With so many electrical fire hazards in the home, it makes sense to have a lighting contractor check the electrical wiring in your house. They can make sure that the electrical wiring and and other equipment is in good condition and functioning in a safe manner.
According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International or ESFI, you should call in a professional electrician to do a safety inspection if your home is older than 40 years. In newer homes, inspections should be done when new appliances are installed or major renovations are done.

Improving home energy efficiency
Another way in which professional electrical contractors can help is by advising you on improving your home energy efficiency. They can help to upgrade your home electrical system to save on energy costs.
An easy step is to add insulation, in the form of window coverings or by adding insulating material to attic roofs and walls. Exchanging your old appliances for new Energy Star appliances can lead to significant improvement in home energy efficiency and savings on your energy bill.

There are thousands of electrical contractors out there but finding the right one can be a challenge. For home owners and renters it can be a big help to have someone reliable to call on in case of emergencies and also for advice on improving safety and home energy efficiency.

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