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Is Your Home Ready for Hot, Summer Temperatures?

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You know it is too good to be true, but you cannot avoid being hopeful.
with three days in a row in the high 60s and lower 70s, it is difficult to not look forward to the spring and summer months. Reality reminds you that there is no way you will get through the rest of February and March without snow, but you will take what you can get.
The long five day weekend off school is only feeding the midwest frenzy for warmer temperatures and green grass. As the local weather forecasters indicate that they this is the fourth day this month that the Nebraska temperatures are warmer than those in California, the teachers are simply concerned about how they will make it through the four day school week after the kids feel like they have already had their spring break.
And while the school kids and the weather forecasting staffs in the area are fueling the warm weather frenzy, air conditioning repair companies are gearing up for some of their busiest months.
Air Conditioning Repair Companies Sell the Latest Products
It may come as no surprise that as a while, Americans have become pretty accustomed to the comforts of air conditioning. In fact, 66% of all homes in the U.S. have air conditioners. Currently, air conditioners use nearly 5% of all the electricity produced in this country, at an annual cost of more than $11 billion to homeowners. And while there is no real way to eliminate these cooling bills, there are several ways that homeowners can reduce these amounts. For instance, switching to high efficiency air conditioners and improving insulation and following other manufacturer recommendations, homeowners can reduce air conditioning energy use by 20% to 50%.
Service, repair, and maintenance, however, are not enough to cut costs for some homeowners. Given that nearly 20% of the homes built during the 1980s still have air conditioning equipment that has not been upgraded and is 20 years old, many homeowners come to the realization that it makes sense to upgrade to newer, more efficient units. Air conditioning installation involves an important first decision. Homeowners have to decide to replace an outdated air conditioning with more of the same, or something that can function more efficiently and effectively. A local air conditioning repair company can help a homeowner consider all of the options that are available.
Air Conditioning Repair Companies Provide Service
One of the most common ways to maintain a heating and cooling system is to follow through on regular, suggested maintenance. Even though this message makes perfect sense, it may come as a surprise that not all homeowners do as they are advised. For example, although many U.S. homes benefit from regular maintenance, a mere 42% of these homeowners using central air equipment indicate that they even bother to service it annually, let alone once every six months.
In addition to the twice a year service, these companies can also suggest other energy saving procedures. For instance, many homeowners would benefit from installing a computerized thermostat. This product allows homeowners to automatically set the temperature lower during night sleeping hours, as well as the hours when the house is empty when people are at school and at work.
Cleaning air ducts, changing filters, and checking for inefficiencies are other services that air conditioning repair companies provide. Research indicates that when an air conditioner is not operating properly, its broken parts and leaky ductwork can cause problems like extra humidity in a home, in addition to a number of cost saving inequities.
Air Conditioning Repair Companies Make Emergency Calls
Of all of the services that an air conditioning repair company provides, the need for an emergency phone call is what most homeowners really want to avoid. Although emergencies do happen, homeowners should follow through with needed and recommended service calls and other manufacturer suggestions.
Not surprising, emergency service calls can be expensive. Worse yet, however, is the fact that in the heat of the hottest summer moments it is often difficult to find an available repair service. Hot temperatures can cause many homeowners to find themselves in need of these limited services. What are you doing to be ready for the transition to warm spring and hot summer temperatures?

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