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Modern and Contemporary Furniture Combines Design and Function

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Modern and contemporary furniture are defined by clean, smooth lines and an emphasis on simplicity and function. Originating in the late nineteenth century, modernism was a movement in the arts, music, design and literature that distinguished itself from the preceding Victorian and Romantic eras. It has shaped our world and our ways of seeing the world in many different ways. This includes our preferences in furniture and home design, as well as many other areas of culture. Inexpensive modern furniture is a good way to begin to furnish your home, as it creates the basic framework through which you define your own personal spaces.

The fascinating history of furniture
The history of furniture is traced back thousands of years to the ancient Egyptians, and in fact the oldest sofa ever discovered was in Egypt. It is dated to 2000 B.C. The Greeks and Romans were the first people we know of to use finish tables. Greek dining tables were designed to be pushed under the bed when not in use.
Modern furniture has a truly fascinating history. In medieval times, chairs were reserved for nobles while lower orders had benches and stools or sat on the floor. And while Charles Darwin is best known for his biological observations and the theory of evolution, he is also credited with the invention of the office chair. He is reported to have put wheels on an armchair to move around his office more easily to view specimens.
The very origins of the words we use for furniture trace some of its history. For instance, “sofa” is derived from the Arabic word for “bench,” while “couch” comes from the Old French “to recline.” Couches also also known as “divan,” “Chesterfield” and “davenport.”

Modern design breaks with the past
Modern style furniture developed through several different design schools in the late nineteenth and early-to-mid twentieth centuries. It represented a break from the heavy furniture of Victorian times, and preferred smooth, sleek lines without much ornamentation. Modern furniture designers chose simple, clean lines and fabrics.
Two of the most famous schools were Bauhaus which originated in Germany, and the Arts and Crafts movement in the U.S. A classic example of designer modern furniture is the Wassily chair, designed in 1925 and named after the Russian abstract painter Kandinsky.

Inexpensive modern furniture for your home
While modern furniture was often seen as expressing a revolutionary break with the past, it has come to define our tastes and preferences. Inexpensive modern furniture is a good way to begin furnishing a home, since it provides a clean background, to which you can add linens and decor that expresses your individual taste.
Modern and contemporary furniture represent the most popular styles of home furnishings. Modern leather furniture in particular, speaks to quality and good taste. For many people just starting to furnish their homes, inexpensive modern furniture is a good choice, since it leaves open endless possibilities for home decoration. It also makes a good accent piece, drawing attention with its simplicity and design.

Throughout history, furniture has served both practical and aesthetic purposes. While some of the classic pieces of modern furniture now belong in museums or have become collectors’ items, inexpensive modern furniture is highly practical and elegant.

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