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Four Ways to Add a Modern Flair to Your Home

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For an aesthetically-pleasing and cohesive feel to your home, you will want to select a broad, over-arching style or time period to draw inspiration from. This is not to say that you are boxed in to a single style of decor, but it can be helpful from a design perspective to have a starting point that you really love. One popular style that many homeowners embrace is the modern style. Although modern means new, as far as home design and furniture goes, modern means anything produced from the end of the 19th century through the present day. That gives you lots of room to find your niche. If you’re interested in adding touches of modernism to your home, here are some tips to consider.

#1. Prioritize Functionality

One of the hallmarks of the modern style is to seek functionality as opposed to showy, ostentatious pieces or decor. Opting for open, sleek shelving and comfortable american leather furniture will speak to the modernist style while also providing comfort and function. Another tip–try leaving your windows bare. If you have enough privacy, window treatments can be unnecessary. Eliminating heavy curtains and instead letting the natural light shine through can help open up and lighten up your space in a modern way.

#2. Add Elements of Interest

The cold, institutional look that some people think of when they hear “modern style” is not the only way to add contemporary flair to your home. Look to the modernist movement in art for inspiration–embracing the unexpected, discontinuity and and disruption. This is the fun part of decorating! Think about adding a bold color or print in a mostly neutral room, or a uniquely-shaped piece of cool modern furniture such as a love seat, chair or bench. In your kitchen, space above cabinets can be used to hang modernist artwork.

#3. Buy Modern Furniture

One of the surefire ways to add a modern touch to your home is to buy modern furniture. When you buy modern furniture, look for bare legs, straight lines and plain fabrics. Originally designed in 1925, one of the most iconic pieces of modern furniture is the Wassily chair. In its traditional form, the chair defied the traditional by using canvas and steel instead of an upholstered wood frame. A contemporary furniture store should have a wide range of styles. While you won’t love everything you see, look for pieces that you have a positive reaction to, that are in materials and colors that correspond well to the rest of your home.

#4. Opt for Simplicity

One of the easiest parts of choosing a modern style inspiration for decorating your home is that its ok to keep things very simple. This often manifests itself in choosing a color palate. Modern homes tend to use a neutral color scheme as the base, adding pops of color in things like artwork. Empty space is good. Don’t feel like you need to cram every corner or wall with something. Being able to enjoy the emptiness can create a more relaxing and energizing environment.

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