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Elderly Couple’s Wooden Fence Fails to Keep Tank Out of Yard

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Most homeowners put up wooden fences to protect their yards. They keep pests like rabbits, stray cats, or neighbors’ dogs out. Wood fences cannot, however, keep tanks out, as one elderly couple in Germany recently discovered.

At the beginning of February, the British army took one of its armored Warrior infantry fighting vehicle out for a spin, when, according to a spokeswoman, “something came loose.” The mechanical fault then caused the massive tank to veer off course, and plow through the wood fencing of Mr. Ulrich Tilsner, a 67-year-old man living in Paderborn, Germany.

Unless you count Mr. Tilsner’s wooden fences and one of his shrubs, no one was hurt. Although, suffice it to say that when he and his wife discovered an awesome feat of modern, mechanized weaponry sitting on top of their annihilated house fences, they were a little shocked.

Stephanie Ney, the Tilsners’ granddaughter, said that her grandfather called her, and told that he’d be a bit late, because there was a tank in the garden. She immediately rushed over and found that there was, indeed, a tank a top her grandparents’ wooden fences, as well as soldiers everywhere, and their dog barking amidst it all.

Although there’s no word as to whether or not the tank is out of the way, officials have said that there is an investigation underway.

As for the Tilsners’ wooden fences, the army will hopefully pay for their replacement and repairs (or at least it should seeing as how it accidentally parked a tank on top of them).

The moral of the story, it seems, is that while wooden fences are great for a ton of things — they improve curb appeal, can keep pests out, act as sound barriers when the materials are sufficient — they cannot, however, act as anti-tank walls for your garden.

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