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Retractable screen

For many people who live in warmer climates, it is more comfortable to open windows and doors than to crank up the air conditioning. Creating a nice cross-breeze can work wonders toward cooling down a house, but unfortunately, opening doors and windows is also a great way to invite bugs and other pests into the home. Investing in retractable screens for French doors, windows, and porches can go a long way toward enjoying your house in the summer without the irritation of flies and mosquitoes.

If you have French doors between your kitchen and patio, installing a screen door makes it easy to host cookouts and barbecues. A retractable screen for the French doors will allow guests to talk to the host getting ready in the kitchen. Screen doors will also make pets that are shut in the house feel included by allowing them to smell the food and see and hear guests.

Retractable door screens are useful for people working in the house who want to enjoy the fresh air but may not be able to keep an eye on the door. Retractable screens can be locked from the inside, allowing the homeowner to see who is visiting and talk to them without having to invite them in or step outside. This gives homeowners peace of mind about their safety.

Retractable screen doors and window screens often allow less light and heat into the home, lowering utility bills and reducing sun damage to fabrics and other surfaces. The reduced light in the room may make the homeowner turn on lamps during the day, but the energy savings often make up for the added light use.

Cost effective and easy to install, screens for doors and windows are a great way to make quick improvements to any home. Visit your local home improvement store to find out what your screening options are.

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