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5 Times to Put Down the Wrench and Call a Real Plumber

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It is easy to think that with the power of the internet and a few tools, you can handle all the plumbing needs in your house. Plumbers, however, are specialists who know how to make sure that your plumbing equipment is installed correctly, can perform leak detection services, and can repair items to help save you money and keep the water flowing. Even for the most skilled of weekend warriors, there are times you should put down your wrench and call a professional.

5 Reasons to Call a Plumber

Water leaks are no joke. If left untreated, leaking faucets and pipes can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to you home. In addition to fixing a toilet tank leaking or dripping faucet, plumbers can offer leak detection services. Leak detection services help to find leaks before they cause obvious and expensive damage and can save you lots of money in the long run.

For the typical family of 4, a septic tank needs to be serviced every 3-5 years. Because trying to open a septic tank can be dangerous because of the gases and bacteria, you should always call in a professional for this job. Septic system problems can mean a big headache and expense, but servicing yours regularly can help make sure you do not have any major problems.

Whether is a septic system installation or installing a hot water heater, a plumber’s expertise is needed to make sure that the job is done right the first time. Do not risk installing a sump pump or water heater when you are not sure what you are doing-that expensive equipment could cost you even more in repair costs if installed incorrectly.

While most people with the right equipment might be able to replace one bad pipe, if you have major issues with your home’s pipes, you will want to get an expert’s help. Keeping your pipes healthy can help them avoid future bursting or other issues with your home’s water supply.

BIg drains call for big fixes. Some sewer and drain cleaning can be handled by a homeowner, but chronic clogs or homes with septic systems may need the help of a professional. Because some strong chemicals that are used on drains can actually damage your septic tank and the bacteria inside of its ability to break down waste, you will want someone who has the knowledge of what is safe. Plus, getting the root cause of a chronic clog fixed will be much cheaper than continually using do-it-yourself solutions to the issue.
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