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Home Advisor reports that it typically costs $248 in America to fix a drain that is stuck. Replacing pipes typically has an expense of $2,329. With that in mind it makes sense to invest in efficient appliances that save money on energy–such as water saving toilets–and to hire professionals who offer expert plumbing maintenance.

Whether you’re dealing with hot water heater installation, septic tank installation, or toilet tank leaking, reliability and efficiency are key. There also tips you can put into practice that can help the overall functioning of your plumbing system in the home.

For one, while the presence of grease in a drain can cause issues there, it can also further complicate things with your septic tank. If there is an issue with the tank, you should always get professional assistance, since the contents can be very harmful. That said, a typical family with four people in it will probably want to have the septic tank cleaned out somewhere between every three to five years.

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