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Three Reasons Why the Best Construction Equipment May Be on the Rental Lot

Equipment rental companies

When it comes to getting supplies for a big project, many contractors find that they don’t quite know where to start — especially if they need heavy machinery. Items that range from Bobcats and forklifts all the way to aluminum scaffolding and scissor lifts may be hard to come by in certain markets. Additionally, if equipment breaks down, then waiting for heavy machinery repair can take valuable time away from a construction.

Fortunately, however, many companies are springing up that rent equipment rather than selling it. While it may seem strange for a construction company to not own its power equipment, there are actually several reasons to use these services to get the best equipment around. Here are just a few reasons why many builders, developers, and other construction companies turn to rental services for their heavy equipment needs:

1. Of contractors surveyed, many report that they are more interested in renting than buying their machinery. Some of the reasons for this are practical: renting decreases a company’s liability and doesn’t require extensive maintenance for these tools. Additionally, many construction firms are able to reduce their tax bills by writing renting off as a business expense. This could allow them to see greater profits.

2. Rental equipment may be superior and provide greater choice than equipment made for purchase. Some of the best equipment available now is actually on rental lots rather than in stores. Many manufacturers send more of their machinery to these power equipment rental companies in order to sell them more quickly and make their technology more readily available. This is great news for businesses that may need to rent a rarely used piece of equipment rather than buying it.

3. Above all, renting provides great convenience for builders who need the best equipment fast. It can be dropped off right at a job site and rented for just about any duration. Best of all, those machines are maintained by the rental company, not the contractor, so they receive a major savings in the end, too.

Have more questions about why renting may be a better choice than buying? Leave a comment below, and find out what your local construction equipment rental service can offer your company. More.

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