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Three Types of Equipment Rental You May Not Have Known About

Heavy equipment repair

Did you know that more construction businesses are now renting their equipment than buying it? It’s true. Renting is often an easy option when you are waiting for repairs of other machinery. However, it can also lead to some significant cost savings because businesses can write off the rental as an expense on their taxes. Many businesses also like the convenience of renting because it involves little liability in maintaining the equipment.

Another added bonus of construction equipment rentals is that they offer more selection for companies performing very specific jobs. In fact, it’s even easier to rent the best equipment out there rather than buy it since an estimated 51% of all machinery now goes to the rental lot instead of the sales floor. Here are some of the items the best equipment rental companies have to offer:

  • Bobcat Equipment Rental: If you need large machinery, such as Bobcat equipment rentals, then you’re in luck. Many rental companies stock plenty of backhoes, cranes, and other digging and lift equipment. Bobcat equipment rental is an easy way to get these items quickly and have them delivered straight to a job site.
  • Floor Removal Machine Rental: Home and commercial renovations can sometimes go faster with the use of specialized equipment. One such tool is the floor removal machine, which can break up ceramic tile and marble flooring easily. Because this item might not be used every day for many companies, renting it can be more cost effective than purchasing it outright.
  • Lift Equipment Rentals: From aluminum scaffolding and scissor lifts to forklifts for indoor and outdoor use, there are all kinds of machines made for lifting objects and people. Just makes sure that your workers are all properly licensed with this or other equipment before you rent.

Want to know what else an equipment rental company can offer you? Leave a comment below. More can be found here.

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