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The Top Three Reasons to Mount Your Solar Panels on Brackets

Solar panel mounting brackets

Up until now, solar panels have been a sort of niche investment that your neighbors might give you odd looks about. Now, power companies everywhere are beginning to look at renewable energy with a new found respect, but even so, solar panel mounting brackets don’t always receive that same respect from the public. When people install solar panel systems, oftentimes they try to cut corners and keep it as cheap as possible because they want the panels to pay themselves off that much sooner. Here are three reasons you should make sure the brackets are a part of your solar panel systems:

1. They Preserve Your Panels

Solar panels can be a bit pricey all on their own, but the benefit to them is that, over time, they easily pay themselves off in money saved on your electric bill. With all the money you invest into them, though, why would you not want to do everything in your power to preserve them? Solar panel brackets hold the panels in place, keep them from becoming disoriented or knocked loose from the wind, and keep them from overheating and being damaged that way. They protect the panels from unnecessary wear and tear and let you keep them that much longer.

2. They Can Maximize The Light Exposure

Another thing to bear in mind is that solar panels only produce as much light as they can absorb, and they absorb more light when they are exposed to more light. This means that an upward facing solar panel would receive the most power at around noon when it is facing the sun. Solar panel brackets can help the panels to adjust to face the sun at all hours of the day, however, maximizing the amount of energy they receive and the amount of money you save.

3. They Are Really Quite Cheap

When it comes down to it, the mounting brackets are really not that expensive, especially compared to the solar panels themselves. You can install the Flex solar mounting solution for less than a penny per watt, for example. It is a small investment with big returns. What do you think about these brackets?

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