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From Bobcats to Floor Removal Machines, Here are Four Large Equipment Rentals You May Not Have Considered

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Did you know that power equipment rentals are on the rise among contractors? In recent years, as much as 51% of all new construction equipment has gone to a rental lot rather than the sales floor. That’s no mistake — more contractors are realizing the benefits of rental over purchase, as this process can decrease liability and maintenance costs.

In fact, not only can contractors rent smaller tools, like drills and table saws, but large moving equipment can also be rented on a daily or weekly basis. This includes machinery that would be common on any building or renovation site. From forklift to Bobcat equipment rental, here are a few construction equipment rentals you may not have known about before.

Backhoe and Bobcat Equipment Rental
Backhoes and Bobcats are essential on any job site. This equipment is used for digging and moving large objects, and many construction jobs would be impossible without this equipment. Whether your own equipment has broken down or you need to rent before buying, Bobcat equipment rentals can be a cost-effective and tax-advantaged option for many businesses.

Forklift Rental
Moving supplies around on a job site can be tricky without the right tools, and some objects are too heavy to move manually. Using a forklift to move pallets of cinder blocks, cement and mortar bags, and other heavy objects can make a job far easier. Forklifts can be used both indoors and outdoors in some cases.

Aerial Lift Rental
Did you know you can rent scissor lifts for your construction project? Aerial lifts provide an easy way to get to those hard to reach spots on a building. Just make sure that your employees are qualified to use one before renting, as this equipment, like the other machines, is hazardous if improperly used.

Floor Removal Machine Rental
This type of machinery is one that isn’t very well-known, but they’re useful during renovation and remodeling projects. A floor removal machine takes out old tile, marble, or wood flooring to make way for the new materials. If this isn’t a piece of equipment your company uses often, it may make a great rental.

Have questions about equipment rentals? Be sure to contact a rental service near you. You can also leave a comment below if you’d like more advice. See this link for more references.

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