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The Top Three Things You Might Not Know About Chimneys

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Chimneys are such a common and desirable feature in homes and have been for decades, but how much do you really know about them? Here are three things you might not know about chimneys:

1. Chimneys are a Hot Commodity

For many, there is nothing quite like a warm, crackling fire, which is why they are in such high demand for homes, but a neglected fireplace often doesn’t stop at that. Chimney flue liners accrue a coating of “creosote” as they are used which is more easily visualized as a thick layer of grime. When the chimney is being used, the creosote on the flue liners can constrict the chimney and cause special chimney fires that burn at over two thousand degrees. That is why it is important to routinely have your chimney cleaned! Learning how to clean your chimney liners on your own can mean saving money and more regular cleanings.

2. Chimneys are on the Up and Up

Knowing how to clean your chimney is one thing, but sometimes the job can get too big for the layman; one such chimney is at the GRES-2 Power Station in Kazakhstan. Standing at a mighty 1378 feet tall, this Goliath is the tallest chimney in the world. If ever there was a chimney that would resist even the most spirited efforts of one person to clean, it is that one, but it is also probably one of the chimneys that most needs to be clean at all times.

3. Bird is the Word, but the Bird’s Word is “Chimney”

With how dangerous an unclean chimney can be, you might be worried about having one in your home, but one animal has no such concerns. The Chimney Swift almost exclusively nests in chimneys, at least in the summer months, and seem to have made out alright. Even so, a toxic chimney liner would probably not be good for their health. Are you interested in learning about cleaning chimneys?

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