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3 Reasons to Choose Natural Stone for Your Home

Natural stone countertops

Natural stone floors are beautiful, but you may have been avoiding them thinking they’re unrealistic in terms of upkeep and wear. You might be surprised to know that installing natural stone products are a beautiful and practical way to add luxury and elegance to your home.

Ease of Cleaning
Sealed stone requires very little special care, and can be cleaned with warm water and mild liquid soap. Just think of how much abuse kitchen counters take, and yet granite is the number-one choice for most homebuyers! Make sure any cleaner you’re using is chemically neutral; never use an acidic or alkaline cleaning product on stone, as doing so may cause discoloration. Also avoid any abrasive cleansers. If you do find a stain on your floors, try a poultice kit or contact a professional. Stone can be a significant investment, so it’s better to be cautious so as to prevent further damage during the cleaning process.

Once properly sealed to prevent staining (natural stone is porous, so this is an extremely important step), natural stone can be more durable than many artificial products, lasting for decades with minimum maintenance. Granite is very hard and dense, and resists staining—which is why it’s so often used for kitchen counters. Granite colors also vary widely, allowing you to add some of your own personality in with the choice. Slate and quartz are known for their durability, making them a popular choice for flooring. Travertine floors make for a classic yet warm feel, and can be filled to create a smoother surface. And instead of damaged portions needing to be replaced, as is often the case with ceramic tile, natural stone often needs only slight restoration if scratched or stained.

Added Value
The American home remodeling industry pulls in approximately $47 billion each year, but only some upgrades add lasting value to your home (bathroom and kitchen renovations have the highest return on investment when it comes time to sell). Natural stone floors and counters are an excellent way to add resale value to your home, since granite in particular doesn’t depreciate the same way other materials do. If slabs are completely out of your budget, consider natural stone tiles for many of the same benefits at a more manageable price point.

Have you upgraded your tile to natural stone? What are the pros and cons you can share with other homeowners? More information like this.

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