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Homeowners with great lawns take pride in keeping their lawns green and trimmed. For a homeowner with pride, a grassy lawn will be a source of pride. Some homeowners have larger properties and may want to work with a landscaping contractor.

If you do your lawn care, you may want to create a spring lawn maintenance checklist. If you don’t know what to place on that list, a lawn and garden store may be able to help you. In addition to the list, the store can often suggest lawn care products best suited to your climate.

General lawn maintenance can include regular mowing, watering, and weeding activities. Adding fertilizer or lawn “food” chemicals will help create a lush, green lawn. According to Glamour Home, if more homeowners used organic pesticides, it would significantly improve the environment.

According to Milorganite, producing a nice yard requires good fertilizing tactics. The same website recommends applying the fertilizer in early April in the South and by Memorial Day in the North. Overseeding your lawn may seem wasteful, but it will result in a denser lawn when your grass grows. These strategies will help you toward your goal of a great lawn.

Tree removal

A garden sprinkler system is a nice and easy way to water your lawn without standing outside with a hose. The garden sprinkler system is a good way to go also because it offers more even coverage on the lawn. You can use a sprinkler and move it around the lawn as you please or you can have an inground sprinkler system installed which will cover your entire lawn at the same time, when it waters the lawn. They usually come up at the same time and water the entire lawn, depending on how it is set up. Installing a sprinkler system is not that difficult and most professionals can do it for you.

There are even options to winterize garden sprinkler systems. If anything happens to your garden sprinkler system there is the option of having a sprinkler system repair person come out and fix the issue. The perk of having your garden sprinkler system installed underground is that there are no signs of piping and it makes your lawn still look beautiful. Garden sprinkler systems can be set to water your lawn as little or as much as you feel is necessary.

Americans will do many things to keep their lawn looking green and healthy. In order to mow their lawns, Americans buy 17 million gallons of gas for gas powered lawn mowers every year. Some Americans choose to have their lawns fertilized to keep them healthy and free of weeds and insects. If you have professional lawn care services, it will allow your lawn to grow green and healthy without risking the grass turning an unhealthy brown color. It is estimated that in the United States, three million tons of fertilizer is used on lawns annually. Unfortunately, over 30 thousand tons of pesticides are used on lawns in the United States every year. A lot of these pesticides end up in our water supply so it may be a good option to go with an organic green company that uses environmentally friendly products. However, when you are trying to sell a home, a well manicured lawn helps curb appeal and increases value.
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Create a spring lawn maintenance checklist.

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