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Different Types of Fences

Custom metal fencing

If you are thinking about building a fence in your front or back yard you will want to make sure you are building a fence on property line. You can get a map of your property line in order to make sure you are building a fence on property line and not over your property line. Some of the fences you can build are decorative wrought iron fencing, wooden fencing, and chain-link fencing. You can also have custom fences built to your satisfaction. The fence does not have to end if you are building a fence on property line. You can even include custom wood fence gates or wrought iron fences and gates that go across your driveway to keep out unwanted guests and many animals.

Wood has been the most common material for building a fence on property line. However, as more options are becoming available, less fences are being built of wood. Wooden fences can offer a more traditional and classic look than other fencing options, particularly metal. Wrought iron fences are easy to care for. They only need occasional cleaning with some soap and water. They can appeal to home buyers and create curb appeal. In London, Westminster Abbey has wrought-iron gates that date back to the 13th century.

Chain-link fencing installation dates back to 1844. It got its inspiration from the textile industry. Chain-link fencing is a type of woven fence that is usually built from galvanized or LLDPE-coated steel wire. Installing chain-link fences involves building a fence on property lines. Posts are set into the ground and the fence is attached to them. These posts can be timber, steel tubing, or concrete and can be set in concrete or driven deep into the ground. See this reference for more:

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