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How to Get Started on Your Major Renovation Plans for Home Modernization

major renovation

Every once in a while, your home will require a major renovation. Whether to expand the space, enhance comfort, or upgrade to modern designs and systems, you will be looking to make improvements that make your living environment more satisfying than it was. According to a Harvard University study, homeowners in America are expected to spend around the $485 billion mark in 2024. That number shows just how much people are willing to invest in a major renovation that will ultimately benefit them.

However, it doesn’t mean that they will make improvements without basis. Most home renovation plans require strategic thinking, as those projects often take up a lot of time, money, and resources to complete. It will be necessary for homeowners to plan around a major renovation if they want to enhance their living environment. Here are a few projects to consider if you are looking to modernize your residential property.

Look at Paint Samples

Sometimes, the best home improvement project can be the simplest. A transformation can be drastic despite requiring only a few materials, and in this case, paint cans and a paintbrush. Giving your home a new color can satisfy your renovation desires as it can completely change your living environment. The old paint might already show aging signs, with cracks and peels showing up from every corner of the house. The paint might also be fading, giving off a bland appearance that might make you realize that your home makes you feel as old. Repainting the area can become a major renovation project not because of how difficult it is, but because of how transformative it can become.

If you want to repaint your home, consider looking at different paint samples first. Since you have an opportunity to modernize your house’s colors, you can take your time and see what’s best according to your preferences and today’s modern designs. Consult with home painters if you want to ensure you get the right ones for renovation ideas. You can also look for inspiration online when searching for modern homes. Home painters will assess if your chosen paint is compatible with your residential property, ensuring you get what you envisioned. Painting the house is not considered a major renovation. However, given how much it can transform your home, it might as well be.

Budget for a Kitchen Remodel

There is no major renovation project that holds significant value more than a kitchen remodel. It is one of the most challenging tasks to undertake because of the complexities of having to make changes in that area. The kitchen is a daily necessity, with appliances and devices essential for cooking and eating. As a result, homeowners rarely have the time to dedicate to a kitchen remodel. However, it is the budgetary constraints that make things extra difficult.

Kitchen remodels often demand a lot of money, especially when you have to replace outdated appliances and devices. Unfortunately, that means investing in the latest models. While they might offer energy-efficient and technological advantages, they can be expensive to invest in. From refrigerators and stoves to dishwashers and ovens, you might have to budget for those appliances if you want to completely remodel the kitchen. Moreover, you must invest in other features to modernize the area. You can install a wooden cabinet to replace your old ones. Adding a granite countertop can create a centerpiece in your kitchen, akin to modern kitchens. Aesthetic lighting, hidden pantries, and even silverware replacements should also be part of your budget. A kitchen remodel is a major renovation worth undertaking, but preparing the budget for it will be necessary to accomplish it.

Don’t Forget Your Outdoor Gathering Spaces

Most major renovation projects take place indoors, especially if your goal is to enhance your living conditions. However, the outdoor area deserves as much love as it can upgrade your lifestyle. Outdoor amenities provide significant value for a property, satisfying homeowners enough to make them want to spend more time indoors than outside the property. Of course, you will have to be strategic with your installations, ensuring that every amenity you get suits your preferences. One aspect you can count on to make the outdoor area an instant hit for the family is by adding gathering spaces.

Gathering spaces encourage homeowners to spend time outdoors, even to the point where they can invite relatives and guests to stay. The traditional swimming pool will always be a popular choice, but you might not have enough space. As a result, you can invest in hot tubs as an alternative. They can provide a more intimate environment than swimming pools, allowing bonding experiences to be better. Another outdoor amenity that can serve as a gathering space is the deck. You can add furniture there to provide a comfortable seating arrangement for your family. If your household loves spending time at night, you can build a fire pit in the area. Don’t forget to partner with firewood suppliers so you can always start a campfire at night. Those gathering spaces can modernize your home, making it a more satisfying place to live in.

Browse for New Decor

Sometimes, you might already have everything you need inside your home. If functionality is not the problem, then it’s the design that might require changes. Your taste and preferences change as you age, which means the existing decorations might no longer appeal to you. Everything from the posters, the picture frames, the decor, and furniture pieces might require replacements, making it a massive investment to strategize if you want to build a modern home.

You can start with the furniture pieces. The sofas, chairs, coffee tables, and lounges might require upgrades if they feel outdated, worn out, or out of place. You can also replace decor in specific spaces. You might want to opt for roller shades instead of the dusty curtains on your windows. The wooden coffee table might be better if it was made of glass. The chairs might require replacement, especially when they already require maintenance. Finally, the decorations might require a more modern finish or aesthetic if you want to make your home feel brand new. Those changes are unique to every homeowner, so you must sit down and search for inspiration for your decor upgrades.

Consider Fresh Siding

The exterior appearance of your home might not be a priority, but it could be a major renovation project that could modernize your house. The property’s facade will matter to your satisfaction, making it necessary to prioritize the area if you want to pursue visible changes to your residential property. One area where you can focus on is the siding. Often the most dominant feature of a home’s facade, the siding can receive significant damage from the weather. Cracks and stains can ruin the appearance of your home, making it necessary to consider repainting the siding. Similar to interior repainting, the siding’s new coat can transform your property to a more modern look.

Another exterior area to prioritize for renovations is the roof. While it might not be as visible as other renovation projects, the roof will still require attention when improving your home. However, it can be dangerous to go up there yourself, making it necessary to hire a roofing company to do the job. They can provide the tools and expert personnel to accomplish renovations or repairs safely and successfully, ensuring your home improvement efforts include a protective shield.

Plan for a Bathroom Remodel

A bathroom remodel is almost as significant as a kitchen renovation in terms of major renovation projects. Like the kitchen, the bathroom has plenty of fixtures you might want to replace with newer models. Toilets, bathtubs, and showers will all contribute to the room’s aesthetics and technology, making the area a great investment for renovations when executed right. The flooring and walls might also require replacements after years of getting splashed with water. Those replacements can transform your bathroom into a brand-new area.

However, it is the additional features that can make the bathroom feel more modern. Adding a glass shower door instead of using old shower curtains can enhance the family’s bathing experience. Adding a vanity section with dim lighting, proper mirror placement, and good storage areas might be better than a mirrored medicine cabinet and a single sink. Those bathroom remodeling efforts should be part of your enhancement plans, ensuring you have a modern area for daily cleansing.

Think About Your Curb Appeal

Of course, major renovation projects at home are going to boost property value. You will not be investing in those improvements if you are not looking to potentially sell them in the future. As much as you might want to stay there, you might want to look at other options while ensuring your current property can fetch you a good price. There is no major renovation task out there that can accomplish the goal other than curb appeal improvements, making it an ideal project to perform.

Curb appeal involves building a healthy front lawn, navigable pathways and driveways, and aesthetic fences. You can pursue all those individually, but you might want to hire local landscapers to accomplish them together. Those professionals can build a healthy and aesthetic landscape for your home, ensuring good curb appeal that will make your neighbors feel jealous. They have the materials and supplies necessary to accomplish your ideas, ensuring the investment will be worth it.

Consider a Basement Remodel

The basement is often the most underutilized room in a home. Often used as a service or storage area, the basement can become more in a modern home. However, most homeowners might find it challenging to convert the area into a living space because of all the hard work necessary to dedicate to the major renovation project. However, you should not let it stop you from modernizing your home.

You can convert the basement in plenty of ways. If you are working from home, you can turn it into a home office coupled with a few gaming consoles. If you want to make it more useful, you can turn it into a work shed, providing an area for your crafty projects and work tools. If you like hosting indoor gatherings, you can turn it into a private theater, a mini bar, a secondary living room, or even a recreational space. Those ideas will depend on your preferences, but you might need to secure remodeling services to execute your chosen design. They can ensure you accomplish your new purpose for your modern home’s revitalized basement.

Find New Ways to Incorporate Unique Lighting and Furniture

After all the adjustments you made to your home, you might be running out of major renovation projects to take. Everything seems perfect for your lifestyle, with the right rooms accomplishing the proper purposes of what makes a modern home. Unfortunately, there might still be a few pieces missing. If that is the case, you can take a look at your existing furniture. Because of the changes you made, your pieces might no longer fit the modern puzzle. Investing in newer and more compatible ones might be ideal. Chairs and tables are the first things that come to mind, but you should also consider changing drawers, bed frames, curtains, and other furniture pieces that might look out of place.

Renovations can transform the home, but the entire property might still be giving off its previous appearance’s vibe. If that is the case, investing in new lighting might be ideal. You can make your lighting fixtures more stylish, with pendant lighting, chandeliers, stand lamps, and porch lighting among the most aesthetic pieces you can invest in. You can also add dim lighting to completely transform the atmosphere of your home, making it feel more modern. Of course, those lighting changes will require you to hire an electrician, ensuring there are no safety hazards that could ruin your renovations.

Undergoing a major renovation can transform your home, ensuring you can keep up with the modern design expected of today’s residential property. It might take a lot of time and money, but those plans can be rewarding to accomplish. Transforming the home with these projects is achievable, so long as you prepare well for them.

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