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How to Choose the Right Water Filter for Your Home?

Multiple solutions are available for residential water treatment that eliminates unwanted contaminants from the water used in the home. The simplest solutions involve drinking water only, which is handled by pitchers with activated charcoal that filters only a few contaminants. Other filters attach to individual faucets and have knobs that allow you to obtain water that is filtered or not, depending on how you plan to use the water. The faucet attachments tend to use the same technology as the pitchers, so they remove a limited set of contaminants.

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Other systems fit under the sink where there is space for multiple filters. These can be more sophisticated in their filtering capabilities, allowing you to choose the filters to install based on the water quality entering your home. The under-sink units often feed a secondary faucet dispensing water intended for drinking.

The best systems provide whole-house filtering by filtering water as it enters the house. Ideally, homeowners have their water tested by a qualified laboratory that details the contaminants in their water. That report allows the homeowner to customize the filters or agents to ensure the whole house system filters the contaminants found by the laboratory. You can also update the lab test periodically to determine whether you need to adjust your residential water treatment.

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