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FAQs About a Crane System

This guide is all about how cranes work. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to know how such a big thing can move so effortlessly. You’ll see how the crane arm, called the boom, extends. Underneath the long arm, there are special components with tubes filled with water and oil.

When the driver pushes a button, the water and oil get pumped inside the tubes. Since the oil and water have nowhere else to go, they push the arm out, making it longer.

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That means the crane system uses a hydraulic mechanism. There are also special cylinders inside the arm that work the same way. Water and oil get pumped inside these cylinders, pushing parts of the arm further out and making the entire arm even longer.

There’s a hook at the end of the long arm. This hook is what the crane uses to pick up things. After showing how the crane arm works, you’ll see the crane pick up a giant wood pile. The crane makes a sound as it lifts the wood, like an airplane taking off. Once the arm is in the right spot, a special chain wraps around the wood and hooked onto the crane. Then, it hooks onto that big old hook, and away it goes. Watch this video to see the crane in action.


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