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Your Guide to Roofing Service Pricing

If you plan to have your roof replaced, it is a good idea to understand the critical cost drivers the roofing service companies face. As explained in the video, “What Does an Average Roof Replacement Cost? (FAQ)” by On Tops Roofing, five primary drivers affect the cost of a roof replacement. They include the size of the roof, the roof’s complexity, preexisting conditions, roofing material type, and labor costs.

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The impact of the roof size on cost is easy to understand since larger roofs require more material and labor to install the materials. The complexity of the roof concerns the number of gables, chimneys, skylights, and other elements of the roof that are not flat. Each non-flat roof element requires custom work to fit the roofing materials, custom membrane, or other fittings. Plus, they typically lead to increased material waste.

Each non-flat element also increases the labor needed for those adjustments. Preexisting conditions concern repairs and replacements performed by the roofing service supplier. This is due to moisture, rot, or other problems with the underlying roof.

While most roofs use asphalt shingles, those come in varying styles and quality levels that differ in price, not to mention slate, cedar shingle, and metal roofing materials. Differences in roofing materials also affect the labor needed, so multiple factors influence the final replacement price. It’s important to know these things before making any purchases.


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