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Questions to Ask During a Bathroom Remodel

There are several handy tasks and installation jobs a bathroom remodeling service can perform during an update, renovation or new construction project. Before hiring a contractor, you might consider asking them some questions about their services.

1. What type of bathroom flooring do you install, and how long does the job take?

Most pros are knowledgeable and can install most types of flooring, so be sure the contractor offers your preference.

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The size and complexity will affect the timeframe, and some jobs take a day while others can take a week.

2. What are your lighting options?

Bathroom and vanity lighting styles are varied. Should you want a unique system, see if the contractor can install it.

3. How do you handle running toilets?

A basic plumber may only deal with replacing parts inside the toilet. Others can do it all to locate the issue and offer any related service needed to stop the running water.

4. Can you install or replace tile surrounds behind vanities?

The vanity is a space used by occupants and visitors, so it’s not unusual to want it to make a statement. Explain your vision during a consultation to find out the contractor’s options.

5. Do you build custom showers?

Custom showers tend to be luxurious with installations such as ceiling hung rain showers above a deep soaker with jetted tubs, double showers and those with glass partitions or paneling, and heated floors to step onto. Ask about their options.

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