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Should You Choose Quartz of Granite for Your Stone Countertop Installation?

In the featured video, the reporter conducts a thorough comparison of stone countertop installation. The two countertop types being compared are quartz and granite. The initial focus is on impact resistance, where quartz receives praise but is noted to be susceptible to cracking when heavy objects are dropped on unsupported edges. Granite, acknowledged for its robustness, earns a higher score in this category.

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Moving on to stain resistance, quartz’s non-porous nature is commended, although stains may occur. Granite, requiring sealing but excelling in stain resistance, receives a higher score. Price is also compared, with quartz slightly less favorable due to its higher average cost. Heat resistance is then discussed, highlighting quartz’s limitations against extreme heat but emphasizing that practical use minimizes issues. Granite’s heat resistance, attributed to its lack of burnable resins, secures a higher score.

Next, scratch resistance is explored, with both materials proving highly resilient in extensive tests. The reporter also delves into warranties, maintenance, finish options, and value. Quartz shines with a lifetime warranty, low maintenance, and various finish options. Granite, while offering durability, lags in warranty and is perceived as less valuable in the current market. The overall durability of quartz slightly surpasses granite. Final scores place quartz at 8.5 out of 10 and granite at 8.4 out of 10.

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